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What is the best method for crate training a small dog?

I just got a new 8 week old french bulldog/ boston terrier today and I want to start crate training her tomorrow. I left her in her crate for about 30 mins. while I went to the store and She only pooped once and it was on her Puppy Pads.

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How To Housebreak A Puppy ? Part 1

How To Housebreak A Puppy – Part 1

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Jack Russell Training help – seperation anxiety?

Jack Russell Terrier has seperation anxiety HELP? My 6 month old Jack Russell Terrier has a bad case of seperation anxiety. It all started when we were trying to figure out why potty training just wasnt working. For example the other day while cleaning the house. I shut him out of the kitchen (meaning he […]

Pink Blank T-Shirt – Large

Personalize this t-shirt for your dog with Personalized Pooch unique premium iron-on decals. Make a doggie fashion statement – Iron on declas to your dog’s carrier! Iron decals can be ironed on to your t-shirts too Fun, easy and unique Decaled shirts are 100% machine washable and will last wash after wash

Product DescriptionThis […]

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Potty Training Breakthroughs For Your Boxer Puppy

Product DescriptionThere are probably 100 wrong ways to potty train your boxer. Don’t make those mistakes – Learn the right way. In this book you will easily learn the most effective methods that get the best and quickest results. And along the way you will learn some basics about obedience training as well.

There […]

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Older Dog, Crate Training and Dog Socialization?

Alright, for the longest time I wasn’t aloud to take my dog out to any dog parks or do any real crate training with my dog. My stupid Dad wouldn’t let me take him anywhere with other dogs, and he didn’t believe in positive crate training, so whenever I wasn’t around and he did something […]

Latest Dog Apparel Auctions

Hey, check out these auctions: Cool, arent they?