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Flower Leather Metallic Emerald Green w/ MTL Pk Flowers 10

Flower Leather Metallic Emerald Green w/ MTL Pk Flowers 10 Good Value and Practical

Product Description“A 1/2″” wide collar adorned with leather flower cut-outs and crystals.”… More >>

Flower Leather Metallic Emerald Green w/ MTL Pk Flowers 10


Wild Boar Hunt with Moose, The Jack Russell Terrier, and Pat Garrett of Garrett Bros. Outf

Pat Garrett of Garrett Bros. Outfitting, , takes this big wild boar hunting in California. Pat operates an Alberta Canada. Parson Russell Terrier male puppy …

Jack Russell Terrier Help!!!!!?

Hi, i have a 6 month old jack russel and a 7 year old jack russel. The puppy keeps nipping my older jack russel on the neck and will not stop. How do i help stop this because its not good for the older dog. Also any tips to help train the puppy? Thank

American Kennel Club Calm Anti-Anxiety and Stress Relief Coat for Dogs, Medium

The kindest way to ease your dog’s fears Easy to put on and take off Machine washable Durable fabric that resists collecting hair For dogs 20 – 50 pounds and with a chest size of 18″ – 26″

Product DescriptionDog anxiety is a surprisingly common problem and includes issues like fear of thunder, fireworks, […]

parson jack russell terrier tricks

Parson Jack Russell Terrier Bac super neugierig und lernfähig! Presenting, Useful Dog Tricks 2!! Whoever said tricks can’t be useful? Jesse is back, by popul…

Dog Bless America T-Shirt for July 4th – Blue Jean – Large

Your go-to red, white & blue! This dog digs the USA. Teddy is designed and printed in the USA. This t-shirt is garment-dyed and 100% cotton. It has a pre-washed, broken-in look. Wear Teddy. Be happy.

Product DescriptionHome of the brave! Teddy The Dog designs are created and printed on 100% garment-dyed cotton near […]

Omega-3 for Dogs – OMEGAS by Elimay – Essential Fatty Acids for Body and Normal Cell Metabolism – 60 Chewable BITS Technology® Soft Gels

Awarded the National Canine Cancer Foundation (NCCF) Seal of Excellence, which recognizes our commitment to support quality canine health and community involvement in the lives of our customers. Fish Oil Omega-3 fatty acids support body and normal cell metabolism while nutritionally ensuring healthy joints, healthy skin, and an all natural shiny coat. High potency, […]

cgb_4237_1 Dogs Jack Russell Terrier – Jack Russell Terrier – Coffee Gift Baskets – Coffee Gift Basket

Includes: 1 15oz mug 4 soft coasters 5 – 2 oz bags of gourmet coffee 1 of each: French Vanilla, Kenya AA, Decaf Colombian Supremo, Chocolate, and Italian Roast Espresso 1 Biscotti cookie

Product DescriptionJack Russell Terrier Coffee Gift Basket is great for any occasion. This elegantly presented gift box comes with a 15oz […]

Dog Coats & Collars: patterns to knit for pampered pups

Product DescriptionNow your pooch can really put on the dog! This collection features four dog coat designs and five classy collars you can knit for your pampered pet. There’s even a polka dot coat and collar any dog would drool over, especially if the dog is named Spot. Projects range from easy ruffle collar […]

Dog Tricks With Jesse The Jack Russell

“Good boy” doesn’t even begin to cover it. Jesse is the hardest working, cutest, best dog in the world! You might want to stretch your smiling muscles before…