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Jack Russell Terrier Hereditary Diseases

Jack Russell Terriers have very few problems with hereditary diseases. They are not plagued by hereditary health problems like many other breeds. Here are some of the ones that you need to be aware of and check for in the parents, or before breeding your dog.

Lens Luxation

This is the most common hereditary disorder […]

Lens Luxation and Glaucoma in Jack Russell Terriers

Lens Luxation

This is the most common hereditary disorder in Jack Russell Terriers. Although this is more prevalent in terrier breeds than in any other breed, it does not mean that it is common. It is important that breeders have their dogs tested so that they will not breed dogs that will pass this condition […]

Hind Leg Joint Problem – Luxating Patella

Pure bred dogs tend to have more genetic health problems than mutts. One of the prevalent problems with Jack Russell Terriers is Luxating Patella. It is recommended that you do not breed your Jack Russell Terrier if your dog has this condition since it is hereditary.

This condition is most common in toy and […]