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Dental Hygiene Month for Dogs

Even though dental health month (February) is almost over, don’t forget that your dog’s dental health is important all year long.  As with humans, poor dental health in your dog can be detrimental to his overall well being.

Infected gums and teeth can lead to many health problems such as heart and kidney infections. Dental infection can spread to the stomach and intestinal tract.  Joints may also be affected.  The plaque and tartar accumulations on your dog’s teeth contain billions of bacteria that can spread to other parts of the body. Unfortunately, the only symptom of poor dental health you may notice is your dog’s bad breath.  Other symptoms may be reluctance to eat or play with toys, lethargy, bleeding gums, and eroded teeth. With regular home and professional care, tooth loss and other serious problems can be avoided.

So take time soon to call your veterinarian and schedule a dental check-up for your best friend!!  With good dental care, your pet can enjoy a long and healthy life.

More information on dental hygiene for your dog and how to keep your dogs teeth clean coming soon!

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