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How to Brush a Small Dog’s Teeth

How to brush my dogs teeth is the first question that comes to mind when you realize that your dog is prone to the same diseases and problems that we have when we don’t take care of our teeth. As with any health care for your canine friend, it is a lot easier if you start while your dog is still young. While your dog is a puppy, get him use to you cleaning ears, brushing teeth, trimming nails, etc. But don’t fret if your dog is already grown and has bad breath – there are still many things that you can do.

If your dog already has dental problems, have your dogs teeth cleaned by your veterinarian. Then you can start a maintenance program.

What to Use When Brushing My Dogs Teeth

Let’s start with what not to use. Don’t ever use your toothpaste on your dog. Human toothpaste contains flouride which is harmful if swallowed. It is also made to foam, which would make brushing your dog’s teeth difficult.

Dog toothpaste is made so that it can be swallowed. It does not require rinsing.

To brush your dog’s teeth, place your hand over the top of his mouth (the long part between his eyes and nose, and gently pull up the skin on the sides of his mouth that cover the gums. Then brush the exposed teeth. You can use a dog toothbrush or a finger toothbrush. There is also a bone shaped toothbrush made for letting your dog brush his own teeth – Farnam Easy Brush(tm) for Dogs.

If your dog will not let you brush his teeth, you can still buy a doggy toothbrush and doggy toothpaste and let your dog chew on the brush like Cocoa. Be sure to check the brush for any loose bristles before putting the toothpaste on the brush. Push the toothpaste down between the bristles so that your dog will not just lick the toothpaste off the brush. Another great product to use is Greenies.

Signs of Dental Diseases in Dogs

Does your dog have bad breath? That is the most obvious sign of a problem. Don’t overlook it thinking that all dogs have bad breath. By two or three years of age, many pets start to show signs of dental problems or oral disease.

how to brush my dogs teeth
Cocoa brushes her own teeth.

how to brush a dogs teeth picture
dog brushing its teeth

Some puppy and dog owners say their dog has metallic breath. This may be a sign of bleeding gums from teething or chewing. Check your dogs mouth. If your dog is not eating, drinking, playing, or is vomiting or has diarrhea, call your vet.

Other problems that may be related to dental problems are a change in chewing habits, pawing at the mouth or face, and even a decrease in the amount of food eaten.

Your dog’s teeth should be clean and not have any yellow or brown spots. The gums should be a healthy pink color and hug the teeth. If you have any questions or concerns about your dog, call your veterinarian.

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