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Bully Sticks – Why They Are Good For Your Dog

Most dog owners are familiar with their dog’s need to chew things and stay occupied. Treats and rawhide bones are often our first choice to fill this need for our beloved pet. A Bully Stick is a more advanced 100% natural treat that is better for your dog and will keep them occupied for twice as long as any rawhide would.

Bully sticks are actually made out of a bull’s penis that has been dried. Although this does not sound appealing at all to us humans, it is a 100% digestible treat for your dog made of all meat.

Bully sticks are extremely hard and will take even the strongest of chewers a good hour to eat through. These alternative treats are a safe way to help your energetic breed stay occupied and out of trouble while also eating something they love.

You will find bully sticks in a variety of lengths and styles to suit any size dog. There are small 4-inch sticks all the way up to 12-inch sticks. Some other styles of bully sticks include specialty flavors and designs like braids.

So don’t let the source of the bully stick keep you from grabbing one of these for your dog the next time you are at the pet store. With a bully stick, you will not have to worry about rawhide pieces getting choked on or even causing harm to your dog. The bully stick is truly the best all natural chew treat you will find to occupy your puppy or active dog.

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