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How to Choose the Best Collar and Leash for Your Dog

Choosing the right type of collar or leash for your dog does not have to be a guessing game. With a little bit of information, you will be ready to go shopping for the collar and leash that will suit your dogs needs.


Buckle collars are great for puppies because they are easy to put on and take off which is often a difficult chore when you have a rambunctious little puppy. Buckle and Nylon Puppy Collars come in a wide array of colors and usually have matching leashes. But the most durable of collars has to be the leather collar. Leather collars soften from the oils of the dogs skin and will become extremely comfortable for your dog to wear in the years to come. Leather leashes are more durable also.

To measure what size collar you need, measure the dog’s neck with a ribbon or strip of cloth, and make sure that you can put two fingers underneath the ribbon without choking the dog. Then measure the ribbon. That is the minimum size collar, and you will want to allow for growth and weight gain, especially if you have a puppy, but don’t buy it so big that the dog can slip out of it. Buy a collar that has several holes for fastening, like a belt does. When you put the collar on the dog, always test to make sure that you can fit two fingers between the collar and the dog.

Training collars are sometimes called choke chains or pinch collars and they should only be used for training a dog that is not learning with a regular collar. They are designed to help your dog attend to your commands when you are training him, but the collars should not be kept on your dog all the time. You can also get a harness for your dog if he pulls a lot when you are walking him, but you want to break your dog of this bad habit.


The most effective leash for training can simply be a short nylon leash. Nylon leashes are washable and very durable. If you are exercising your dog, you might try a retractable leash because they enable your dog to run ahead of you several feet. The retractable leash also offers a braking feature that is great for helping to control your dog.

Lighted Dog Collar Walk two small dogs at the same time with a leash coupler
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