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Premium vs. Store Brand Dog Food

In today’s health conscious society dog owners have included their four-legged friends in the
all-natural food
craze. If you look around your local pet supply store you will find labels touting such things as all-natural, no preservatives, holistic and freshly prepared. And that is just the chain stores.

There are doggy cafes and bakeries. They are catering to our dogs every desire with fresh baked cookies and pastries, cakes and treats you cannot even begin to imagine. How about a pizza or some cannoli? Not for you, for your dog!

Let’s not forget our little puppies when we visit the bookstores. They have dog food recipe books, and Gourmet Cooking for Dogs. Yes, we now can choose from a variety of recipes so we can make our own dog treatsand meals. We now have the option of giving our dogs the same tender loving care we give to our children.

When it comes to Rover’s birthdaythe party has just started. Don’t forget to order invitations and thank you cards from BarkTalk.com. You can choose from baking his birthday cake yourself, ordering it from a bakery or throwing him a surprise party and inviting all his little doggy friends. There are themed birthdays such as “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window”, party favors, piñatas and don’t forget the birthday games. All dogs will love to receive their own little treat bag filled with specialty items from the bakery, such as Peanut Butter and Honey Dog Cookies.

If your doggy goes to day care how about some pup-cakes to take with him to share with all his friends. These are sure to make him the class favorite. Is your dog feeling a little down? How about a gift basket filled with all his favorite treats to lift his spirits?

There are a variety of gourmet dog foods in a variety of price ranges. You can buy the traditional canned or bag food that is made with high quality ingredients. These can be stored the same as other dog foods. Some can be found on the shelves and others you will have to special order.

Then there are the designer or gourmet dog foods that claim to be specially formulated for specific conditions. Do these supplemented foods really make a difference? They will if your dog has food allergies or needs supplements for old age aches and pains.

Others are so fresh they have to be specially shipped. These require refrigeration or freezing. They do cost more but if price is not a factor why not try a few?

Then what would the doggy designer food world be without their own specialty diet plan. Some people swear by the BARF diet. As distasteful as that sounds it stands for Bones And Raw Food. It was designed by a veterinarian. It is an all natural diet that uses only steroid, nitrate, antibiotic and hormone free beef. It is a grain free diet and even their doggy treats are all meat.

The holistic approach to feeding our dogs goes back to ancient eastern traditions. To have a healthy body we must be in tune with nature. It is believed that the modern dog’s diet has been so far removed from his natural needs that it is contributing to the decline in canine health. There are several foods available in the holistic line to choose from so one may be right for your dog.

With all of these alternate dog food ideas does it really make a difference to our dogs? Some would say yes. These foods do tend to be made with human quality ingredients. They are fresh and dogs seem to love them.

So bone-a petit, eat with gusto and enthusiasm.

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I just found this. I don’t know if it’s true. It’s pretty horrifying, so I’m warning you not to read it if you are not prepared to start fixing your own dog food or find out which dog food companies you can trust. “The Confidential Dog Food Report: The 9 Very Best, Ultra-Healthy, Dog Food Brands in all of North America.” I haven’t purchased his product, so if you order it, let us know what you think.

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