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Top Dog Breeds For Allergy Sufferers

How unfortunate it is that some people are allergic to dogs.  But there is still hope for these people who love dogs but not the sneezing.  There are some breeds that are considered to be hypoallergenic dogs.  They do not shed (or shed very little) so that makes them less likely to make you wheeze.  Not to say they are non-allergenic but they certainly come close. 

Bedlington Terriers are known for having the heart of a lion with the looks of a lamb.  Indeed, they do look like lambs.  They are playful, loyal and headstrong.  They need lots of exercise or they can get themselves into trouble.  Despite their innocent looks if provoked they will fight to the death.

The Bichon Frise is a popular choice among allergy sufferers.  They are adorable little dogs with an engaging personality.  They are independent, intelligent, spirited and playful.  They love people.  They love to be taken everywhere.  They are good with children and other animals alike.  Very social but may be a bit hard to housebreak. 

Chinese Crested comes in two varieties, the Powder Puff and the Hairless.  With either of these you will find a very good companion.  If you are willing to wait to find one of these rare dogs you will have a faithful friend to the end.  They become so attached to their owners that re-homing can be problematic.  They love children but small children may be too rough for their delicate skin.  They should be well socialized and exposed to noise to prevent them from becoming timid.

The Irish Water Spaniel is a medium-large sized dog.  Many of these dogs are one person dogs.  They can be stubborn but are easy-going, devoted and gentle.  They will require a lot of grooming due to the fact that their curly coat tends to mat easily. 

Kerry Blue Terriers are a medium-sized muscular dog that are very fun to be with.  They love to roughhouse so are a good choice for active children.  They are attached to their people but can be other dog aggressive.  Early training to curb this is a must.  They will need a lot of grooming especially around their beard area since it tends to get caked with food. 

Maltese are beautiful little white dogs.  For anyone who wants the regal looks of a pampered princess this breed is for you.  They do not do well with small children and may snap.  They love their person and if over pampered may be jealous of others.  Their beautiful coat requires gentle daily brushing.  They will do well in an apartment but do need their daily walk.  They are lively and playful right into old age.

Poodles are probably the best known to be hypoallergenic dogs.  They are demanding but fun.  They love to show off.  They are highly intelligent and good with families.  They do not like to be teased and may snap in protest.  They love to learn and should be given mind occupying activities.  They come in a variety of sizes.  They need to be clipped once a month.

Portuguese Water Dogs are great family dogs.  As the name suggests they love the water.  They are affectionate and fun but need to be trained to accept cats.  They love to be the clown and will hog the spotlight.  They make good watchdogs.  They have a habit of chewing anything they can find so be sure to provide plenty of chew appropriate toys for them.  They should be brushed regularly.

The Schnauzer is another favorite.  With a variety of sizes one should fit your needs.  They are intelligent, affectionate and very perky.  They do well with children.  They “talk” a lot.  That is their bark sounds like speech more than the yappity yap of some dogs.  They are great mousers so throw out your traps.  Their coat is fairly easy to maintain. 

The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is one of the harder to find hypoallergenic dogs.  They are happy, graceful and strong.  It is not recommended to use a brush on their coats but rather a comb.    They do not tolerate heat well so keep that in mind when thinking of this breed.

No matter if a dog is noted to be hypoallergenic remember that will not pertain to everyone.  For people with dog allergies it is suggested to find a breeder that will let you spend an adequate amount of time around the dogs to see if that is the breed for you. 

For more information about selecting a puppy, visit www.PuppyPickingFacts.com.

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