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Two Chances to Win $50 Petsmart Giftcard

Two Chances to Win

One winner will be selected from each of the following categories:

$50 Gift Card for Petsmart
One random winner will be selected from active subscribers who enter their name and primary email address in the form below, or who submit a question that they would like answered about dogs by leaving a comment on this post. So either subscribe to our newsletter by entering your firstname and primary email address below, or click on comments at the end of this post and register for the blog to post your question about dogs.

$50 Gift Card for Petsmart
One winner will be selected that is an active subscriber and submits the Cutest Dog photo. Any type of dog is eligible; you do not have to have a terrier.
Instructions for submitting photos are on the subscription thank you page that you will see when you enter your first name and primary address in the form below.
You must be the owner of the dog that you submit the picture of.
Photos must be submitted by September 30th, 2008.

By entering my name and email address, I realize that I am subscribing to free emails sent from MyCleverDogNames.com. We will never sell, rent or share your information. We do not like spam either.

I also agree that I will not accept a prize if contests and sweepstakes are prohibited
where I live.

Pictures must be submitted by midnight on September 30th, 2008, in order for
us to sort through them and pick the cutest dog. By submitting a picture, you
grant us full rights to use the picture on any of our websites, and in videos
we produce. Questions can be submitted until October 10th, 2008.

Winners will be contacted by email prior to being announced on October 11th, 2008, on this site at 7:00 p.m. You must be an active subscriber at that time to be eligible for selection.

First Name:
Primary Email:

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2 comments to Two Chances to Win $50 Petsmart Giftcard

  • Kelly Ann T.

    How do you get your dog to actually wear costumes? My dog tries to take them off. Thank you.

  • Some dogs are more tolerant of clothing than others. If you start putting clothing on them when they are young, they will be more use to it.

    Try different types of clothing to see which your dog tolerates better. One easy one to start with would be the bandanas that I mentioned in the Dress Your Dog for the Holidays article. Try a t-shirt that is tighter fitting versus a loose fitting article that will flap around. Winter is a good time to get your dog use to clothing by putting a sweater or coat on him when you take him out.

    Don’t ever leave the clothing on the dog when you are not around because they can get tangled in it, or caught on something, or choke themselves trying to get out of it.

    Once you put the clothing on the dog, keep the dog occupied by taking him or her for a walk.

    Your dog does not need to have clothing or a costume on for the pictures that you submit for the contest.

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