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Have you ever had a dog you thought would never be housebroken?

Did you housebreak it eventually? What did you do?

I really don’t need a lesson in housebreaking. I do know how to housebreak dogs and want to hear from people who have had a difficult to housebreak dog.

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10 comments to Have you ever had a dog you thought would never be housebroken?

  • xscarletxbabyx

    i’ve had my shih-tzu for about a half a year now and he has been so difficult to house train!! i recently moved to my grandma’s and let him go outside and he does so well now! we leave the door open and he just goes in and out as he pleases and it’s been wonderful!

  • gladiolagazer

    2 chihuahuas! they are so hard to house break. Finally gave in to taking them to a dog trainer. 🙁

  • Gin'nTony

    On the average there is 6-8 inept questions here on “house breaking” a dog. Thats per hour!!!
    So I think you will get more than lucky with answers.

  • WiseGirl84

    my dog still pees in the house and poos all over. is there a book or something i could get or some advice he just turned a year

  • Esthefani G

    big time
    i have a beagle
    you have to take him out likee 15 min
    after he eats
    don’t hit him
    but lik take a a rolled up newspaper and look firmly and say “BAD DOG” if he goes inside or something

    good luck

  • AngelFire

    I had a hard time with my dachshund, but she was a kennel dog, and was never in the house.It took alot to get her to understand that pottying outside got her alots of praise and a treat. She will go to the door now when she has to go, but if I’m not right there, or in the other room, she does her business in front of the door, but we’re getting there.
    (I have a bell that the other dogs scratch at to go out, and hoping to get her to do that too)

  • Chrissy

    Yes! My chihuahua who turns one in April has been super difficult to potty train. She turned the corner in the past three weeks (which I was doubting would ever happen) but she’s finally getting it! It took A LOT of patience, but most of all it took a lot of consistency. With her, she would never tell us when she needed to go out so we took her outside every 2-3 hours. There were many occasions where she would have an accident inbetween that period of time. Just recently she finally started to tell us (by going downstairs) when she needs to go outside. I couldn’t be more pleased with her!

    It was hard to keep our patience with our chi because our lab/sherpherd mix took 3 months MAX to potty train.

  • momofthreepuppies

    yes! my boston terrier had the worst time getting house broken. i thought i would lose my mind. we would take her out for a long, long walk and the instant we got in the house she would go. i read up on the breed and one of the things i found out was sometimes they are hard to house break. but i didn’t give up. we moved to a house that has a fenced in yard and the problems have stopped. she still has some minor accidents in the house but only once in a while. oh and we crate trained all of our dogs. that helped out a lot. they stay in the crates while we are at work and my husband who gets home first lets them out side and no problems. she is so comical when she has an accident in the house she comes and sits at my feet and gives me the guilty look. i love them all. i hope that answers you questions. good luck.

  • Leigh

    Some dogs just “get it” earlier than others. I would never expect a dog to be housetrained earlier than 6 months-some dogs take a year.

    Since you have experience with housebreaking, I assume you are doing everything “right”…using a crate to train, using scheduled feedings, providing very frequent potty breaks, etc. Have you had your vet analyze a urine sample? Your dog could have a UTI, bladder or kidney infection, or have crystals or stones. If you haven’t done this yet, collect a urine sample and run it in to the vet’s office…it will probably cost about $25 for the test. It’s easy to think that these things can’t happen to a young dog, but if you feel that you are doing everything right, I feel that this would be the next step (if you haven’t done so already).

    One more thing…what are you feeding her? Some foods just don’t promote a healthy urine pH…this could be a place to go after checking her urine sample…I feed food from this company http://naturapet.com/ because two of my dogs have allergies, and one is prone to struvite crystals…they’re all on California Naturals, and not one of my 4 dogs has had a problem since. Hope I’ve been able to help some.

  • she.fielding@btinternet.com

    Our dog was abused as a pup, and the answer is alot of patience, soft attention, play and let them get used to your voice and only your voice, if you have another word for sit down, change it to what she/he understands, and don’t raise your voice unless something is seriously wrong, how a human feels, a animal feels, they all have a heart!

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