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how old does my great dane puppy has to be to start housebreaking?

i have a 2month old great dane and i was wondering when he should start housebreaking? (i don’t want to use the crate cause its obvious he’s gonna grow out of it since they are giant breeds) also, does those housebreaking pads work? tips would come in handy 🙂
thank you!

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14 comments to how old does my great dane puppy has to be to start housebreaking?

  • Lisa

    its not to soon, the sooner the better. Every time it messes in the house put his nose in it and pop his butt (dont beat him) either put him on a pee-pee pad or take him outside.

  • Blunt object

    This MINUTE!!!!
    &….GET & USE a CRATE!!!!

    Or,live w/a filthy monster & a reeking house for the next 8 years..your choice.

  • moondog

    Housebreaking starts the day you bring the puppy home.
    There are crates available large enough for Danes. My friend has crates for her Danes.
    Forget about pads, can you imagine how much a Dane pees as he grows? Take him outside to potty train him…which means you need to get up during the night at least once…maybe twice until he can hold it all night.

  • CARL P

    The first day that you got it home, that’s when you should have started.

    Watch the dogs body language put it out after every meal and give it a command to be quick until it learns, eventually it will go to the door and bark of as mine does tap at the door to go out.

    It`s never to late to start.

  • Minnimouse

    as soon as possible. Don’t get the pad, its learning to do two things, pee on the pad and then not to pee on the pad. It’s twice the work.

    You just need to take him outside after exercise, eating and in between and several times a night. The more chances he gets of being correct the better. If you catch him starting to go, whip him outside quickly and praise him for doing the last of it outside. If he has an accident, don’t scold him but grumble like your angry while cleaning it up, he will understand you aren’t happy.

  • schnauzer

    There are a few answers l woud ignore as they know nothing about house taining and are ignorant of how to raise a well adjusted puppy.No matter what breed you have to house train the minute you get the dog no matter if the breeder has done some of the work this is a new environent so you have to take it out siide it does no happen overnight but it takes patience,time and effort on your part,Always take the pup outside first thing in the orning before you have breakfast or a shower and stay outside with the pup to get him to do his wees and poos and reward hin and say good dog and give hin cuddles which he will soon associate with doing the right thing equals affection and reward,Afrer evrery neak you have to take the puppy outside not immmediately but within 3-10 minutes and again stay out there no matter how cold it is rug up,When pup drinls loads of water then take him outside,often people do go out during the night but l do not as it gets into this bad habit and needs to sleep through the night,The puppy pads are useless you can train on newspaper if you feel like it and if it does it in the house by nistake you can reprimand it in a stern voice bad dog what have you done and out the door with you and wait till it does its jobs ,Smacking or rubbing the nose of a dog in his wee is ignorance pure and simple but if he does it in the house b y nistake nake sure you gete the smell and stain out as he will go back to that spot.House training is simply perserverence and nothing else some learn quicker than others like human babies so have patience and work hard and you will get there,Crate training is great as you can put newspaper in it at this stage and if it wees at night and will only do this if you give it any non lactose milk or water before bed,then the obvious happens.Never feed or give water to a puppy after 8pm at this age although when a bit older a dog biscuit or late little treat will be appreciated.Its all up to YOU!

  • puplovetft

    Why don’t you want to use a crate. There are so many advantages to having a crate-trained dog that IF you decide to use one and do so properly, you’ll never again be without a crate.

    House training starts the day you bring the puppy home. There are 5 basic steps:

    1. Put everything on a schedule.

    2. When you can’t watch the dog 110% of the time, he should be confined in a dog-proofed area preferably a crate (or ex-pen).

    3. Correct the dog (for a pup just a simple “eh eh” to interrupt the behavior) IF and only IF you catch him in the act of going inside and then take him outside to finish. Praise him when he goes in the right place.

    4. Take him outside to his potty area (and that includes during the night for a while at least) and while he’s going associate a word of phrase with the action.

    5. Clean up any accidents with an enzyme cleaner.

    Be consistent, be patient, and forget the pee pads (especially for a giant breed). Do you really want a Great Dane peeing and pooping in your house?

  • JoAnn S

    House training should have been started when you first brought your puppy home. Puppies need to learn to do their business outside, not on pads.

    You can get a large crate but just limit the space in the crate.

    Here are a couple websites that should be helpful.

  • Cassie... gotta love them danes

    We crate trained our dane.
    They have crates that are big enough
    Buy the big one and section it off for now

    Some danes pick up things quick and others need more time

    I’ve never used pee pads.
    But you should really consider a crate

    My dane ate through a wooden gate and was crapping blood for a week

  • Dale M

    You can actually start with the training the moment you bring home a puppy. Use a crate, it is the easiest method. Here are some guidelines, http://elfurl.com/ehaah

  • SingingInTheSNOW

    If you don’t know something as simple as housetraining when it comes to the danes you really need to look for some help NOW.
    These are GIANT breeds and they require a firm consistent training routine! You being clueless is going to create a problematic pooch.
    And you can train them in a crate and then move them out of it and there are crates big enough for danes.

  • Coley

    Housebreaking can start day 1 the pup comes home. OUTSIDE. Skip the puppy pads unless you want a ginormus Dane pooping on a shirt left on the floor. Believe me you will never get him taught ot go outside fully. To start, use a crate. Yes, he will outgrow it but it will give him a good start. Then gradually allow him more freedom as he is catching on and asking to go out. Once he outgrows the crate and is doing all right, put him in a bathroom or small room where he wont wreck carpet when you are gone.

  • Great Dane Lover

    House training starts now. Do NOT use wee pads, newspapers or anything of this sort. This is counter productive to training and only serves to teach the puppy it is fine to do it’s business in the house.
    Crate training is the best place to start. Take the puppy out every 45 minutes to start and gradually lengthen the time between taking him out as he gets older. Take him out after meals, after naps, before & after play time….not I said “take” him out not just put him out. Always, always, always praise him every time he does his business outside.If he has an accident don’t punish or call his attention to it, simply clean the area thoroughly with white vinegar or with a product such as Natures Miracle.
    Crate him at night and times when you are unable to supervise him. This will aid in housetraining plus it will keep him safe. You can get an adult size crate and partition it so he has just enough room to lay down, but not enough to do his business in one end and go lay at the other.

  • lotsadogs

    My dane was paper trained at 5 weeks by the breeder. I brought him home at 7.5 weeks. By 9 weeks he was done with the paper, he never had 1 accident or went where he wasn’t supposed to.

    Puppy pads have never worked for any of my dogs , big or small.

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