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Joybies Sunshine Yellow Aloha Piddle Pants

  • Joybies Sunshine Yellow Aloha Piddle Pants(tm) are made of 100% cotton poplin from Hawaii
  • Velcro closures
  • Comfortable and Washable
  • Inner pocket into which Joybies Pads for Piddlers(TM) may be inserted for extra hygiene
  • your pet will be a welcomed guest at the Luau or anywhere , wearing a Joybies Original !

Product Description
Joybies 100 % cotton poplin , Special Edition Hawaiian print, Aloha Piddle Pants(tm) in Sunshine Yellow are the perfect surferwear for your pet to stay cool on the beach , in the house, in the surf, or on the turf ! Exclusive , washable, Hawaiian print, and made from materials from the beautiful Aloha state , your pet will be in style no matter where you live , or travel . And that “indoor marking problem ” can be solved ! Your pet may not compete in the surferdog c… More >>

Joybies Sunshine Yellow Aloha Piddle Pants

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