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  • fredhassen

    @codpeace88 Yes, it is a Malinois.

  • charlio744

    What a good dog!

  • codpeace88

    What kind of dog is that in the video? I can only make out its silhouette, but with that much drive & focus it looks a bit like a malinois.

  • glenwoodfin

    I love the little dog dance in the video…heartwarming.

    I’ve got a deaf Dalmatian that won a dog show with hand signals against hearing dogs. Katy knows about 50 hand signals.

    May you continue to fan the flame of the relationship between dogs and their owners!


    Glen Woodfin
    REDHOTspeakers com

  • riverbrookjoy

    Fun video, beautiful dogs. My husband’s guide dog is a highly trained Yellow Lab…but if I have him at the lake and throw a frisbee…he will chase it, catch it…and keep right on going! And laugh. I tried to get him to watch this video….no luck! He says that he does’t have to mind what I say , because I’m not blind! Next trip to San Diego, I’ll bring him. Joy in the Berkshire Mountains of Mass.

  • patsen06

    Nice and Thank you!:)

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