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what age does a dog switch from puppy housebreaking pads to adult pads?

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8 comments to what age does a dog switch from puppy housebreaking pads to adult pads?

  • Ashley

    when ever you wanna

  • snipps

    Bout the time its housebroken.

  • TMF

    Why dnt you actually house train the dog??????

  • cujoswings

    Throw the pads out the window. They’re a crutch and will take your dog longer to learn to be housebroken.

  • hdallasumfree41220062000

    The puppy training pads are to help maintain the mess in the house. To help break your puppy, take a used pee-pee pad and place it somewhere outside where you would like you dog to use the bathroom on a regular basis. The as soon as your pup wakes up take him to the pad outside, he will smell it and should go, then as soon as he’s been fed repeat the process. Do this every time he wakes up and after every meal and in no time he should housebroken. Oh, when you take him out, no matter what age the pup is, take his paw and scratch it on the door. I’ve had pups as young a 3 weeks going to door to let me know they wanted out.

  • antshed

    Pads? what happen to newspaper for overnight and taking the dog outside after eating and sleeping. Or just to play. Praise it when it goes outside and not on the carpet or floor. Pads, please!

  • kyle c

    when it pees alot

  • cb1000c

    when it comes to you needing more absorbant for a dog to piss on…… it is time to come back to reality….. KICK THE DOG IN THE YARD…… take those piss pads and throw them out with the dog… i bet your carpet smells like a chicken house

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