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how do i stop mydog barking in his crate in a morning?

My dog is crate trained has been since he been a pup he see’s it as his comfort if hes poorly or tired he goes in there without us telling him too, Hes only ever in at night or when we go out due to him being a typical Labrador and eating everything not out of being naughty just out of greed… We get up at quarter past 8 every morning for work. He usually starts barking or crying really loudly around half 6ish. If we get up to let him out he just turns round and stands at the door so its not cause he needs to do his business. But my bitch dog has been in season for last 2 and half weeks and since this hes been doing it a hell of a lot more. ((he did it before she broke down)). Is there anything we can do to get him to be quiet till we get up? other then that hes the perfect dog.

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2 comments to how do i stop mydog barking in his crate in a morning?

  • Brett

    Cover the crate with a blanket, to form a ‘cave’.
    It will be like covering a parrot-cage with a ‘cover’.

  • Arielle

    I agree with the blanket thing, and you need to get your female spayed, and get him neutered. All problems solved.

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