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Jack Russell Terrier and Baby Buddy

Sophie learns hows to play with a one year old, her youngest buddy. Background music is the instrumental version of Josh Woodward’s “Soft Orange Glow” and is…

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12 comments to Jack Russell Terrier and Baby Buddy

  • 4vrceltic

    I would love to see an update!!!?

  • Clarice Lecter

    I had a jack russell but he started to show a little bit of agression when
    my baby got near his treats or toys. He is with my sister in law who has a
    much older kid. I think they do better with older kids.?

  • Dennis Danner

    @TimF710 No training was required. Sophie just loves kids. The smaller, and
    closer to her size, the better.

  • 82misskitkat

    i have just bought an 8 mth old jack russell bitch called daisy.i have a 13
    mth old son and all my family are saying how she might bite him.she is so
    friendly and has not shown to be nippy just licky lol.i never leave them
    alone together. im glad to see im not the only person to have a jack
    russell with a small child.video is super cute

  • Alexander B. H.

    I have two male JRTs. They’re about 7-8 years old now, and I’ll soon be
    ushering a new life into our home (30 weeks down, 10 to go!). I hope that
    they’re as friendly with my new son as this little JRT girl is with her new
    buddy. I’m considering trying to get them obedience training, but I’m not
    sure they’d take to it. They bark at everything and one will growl and snap
    (could’ve taken my hubby’s hand off) if you try to take something from them
    that they shouldn’t have… Help?

  • PETtellcom

    they are gong to be bff!

  • Moustachio101

    I have 2 Jack Russels, and my sisters both have young babies/tots. The
    eldest of my two dogs (13 years) just ignores them both, and the younger (6
    years) loves to play with the kids, yet he’s always very gentle and docile.
    Hell, once one of the kids punched him in the face (quite hard, too) as
    babies tend to flail, and my Jack didn’t even bat an eye to it. People say
    Jack’s are bad with kids, I say it’s just the nature and the upbringing of
    the dog that decides how they treat kids.

  • marucazaba

    just lovely!

  • DreamsofOurDemise

    my dog ronnie

  • imaStonesFan

    I have a jack and it chews but not hard. You can break him from that
    chewing. Once My jack r chewed on electrical wire but thank god it was

  • TimF710

    thats suer cute. i want to get a jrt but i herd it likes to chew on baby
    fingers 0.0? im afraid it will attack my baby cousin. did u train it or did
    they just get along? anyway, really cute 😀

  • Robert Kessler

    The sad thing is that the puppy was run over the next day. The baby still
    waits by the door for him to come home.

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