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JACK RUSSELL TERRIER (JRT) -Dexter, crazy little dog in the big city; Home #4

Jack Rusell Terrier Dexter is CrAzy!! Dexter (aka wierdo, D Dot in the T dot) Dexter tours downtown Toronto, gets the snip, displays love for a rubber chicke…

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25 comments to JACK RUSSELL TERRIER (JRT) -Dexter, crazy little dog in the big city; Home #4

  • Bibi R

    “DEXTER” Il s’appelle DEXTER ! YEAH !?

  • Krystyna Gerc


  • JadeDAngelo

    “Do you wanna go to the park?” *looks up, stares* Awwww :))))?

  • mazen alrawaziq

    1:23 i love you?

  • ??????? ????????

    If you love dogs search me channel CrazyTwinsVideos?

  • Marley FrienDoger

    I like him! ?

  • andre delano

    strong grip ?

  • MrRedfield89



    JRTs are ace I’ve had two now and might have another before I’ve done.
    Great characters and as mad as Badgers!

  • kathmandoo

    Agreed – no fear and very strong with bucket loads of character. My last
    little darling I had died at 18 yrs but had the BEST life. I miss him

  • Chesterjrt

    He looks exactly like my Chester wow! What a cute boy we had three of them
    (Chester passed away last year) now we have the two. Best dogs ever!

  • gunvald833

    All Jack and a mile wide, I have 4 jacks living with me, life is never dull
    and they range in age from 2 to 17 years. Jacks are the best friends we can

  • Emma J

    dexter is sooooo cute

  • John Stewed

    My wife and I have two T-Shirts. One is a picture of a Jack eating
    homework. The other is the Jack telling the teacher, “teacher I did not eat
    their homework”. LOL

  • busteddon

    4:25 onwards OMGGGG

  • Climbing High

    Is he a Mix like with a rat terrier or ? since his ears are up? or is he

  • Terry Radville

    He’s adorable! What a good boy!!

  • Pena00

    I’m about getting this dog and I’m wondering how did you manage to train
    him like this? Are Jacks smart or it’s all about training? You know what I
    mean.. rolling, to sit, to bark and ofc to come when called. Thank you!

  • PintoPonyProductions

    When Dexter was new to me, it was a daily struggle to understand and keep
    up. He still constantly pushes the boundaries. Playing ball with Dexter
    daily, makes him a way better dog and keeps the crazy to a ‘fun’ level. The
    JRT’s attitude is said to become less malleable past 1 year, if this is
    true you still have time! There should be support groups for JRT owners.

  • indypup

    Dexter looks like the male version of my dog Indy.

  • PintoPonyProductions

    D is a user too, and the addiction only gets worse. He goes apeshit at the
    sight of the hockey stick…it’s like my throwing arm or kicking alone is
    not good enough for him.

  • jimmywjr

    Dexter is a good boy. My Jackie is too. Who needs a TV when you have a JRT
    to keep you entertained?

  • PintoPonyProductions

    If he weighed the same as me, I’d be the one with the collar on! Only you
    jrt people really know.

  • kathmandoo

    I forgot about arrogant and rule the world!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vuk Savic

    I love Jack russells!I have a one.

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