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Best and most effective way to rid fleas in house?

I’m dying over here! We just lost our pet and are not only left with sadness and grief from the loss of our pet, but also frustration towards these dang fleas! They are everywhere and I see them on me all the time and I have bites all over me and so does my 8 month old. Can someone please tell me what’s the safest route to rid fleas, being that I have a baby? I want to bomb the house, but since she’s now crawling, I don’t want her to get any of the leftover chemicals in her mouth, from the hardwood floors. I’m miserable and desperate for answers! :/

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5 comments to Best and most effective way to rid fleas in house?

  • Hazel Welton

    Spray Insecticide:
    Spray all carpets, rugs, floors, soft furnishings and places your pet sleeps with an aerosol, flea bomb or fogger that kills flea eggs, larvae and emerging adult fleas.

  • Lar

    the “bomb” is just a contact kill, it leaves no residual behind…this might be a start to knock out the numbers, but follow it up with an aerosol floor treatment that will have a bit of residual along with the IGR that keeps eggs and the larva from developing…vacuum vacuum vacuum for next several weeks. One stage of their life cycle is like a cocoon, they will be protected from what you have done and will have to wait till they emerge before they are taken care of. Yes be cautious when using the insecticides around the kids for sure, but note these products have been developed with your type of circumstance in mind.

  • Cypress Drake

    Bombing is safe if you clean up all the residue and air out your house. I have the same problem and I bomb my house every other month or so. I have schnauzers and keeping flees out the house is always a problem.
    I also buy ortho bug b gone spray. It screws into the end of your garden hose and you can spray your yard. It kills over 150 insects.
    Lime is also another good way of controllingg flees. I buy lime by the sack (50 lbs) at my feed store. I sprinkle it over my lawn and yard and where my dog go out to potty. Lime will keep all insects out your lawn. I surround my house with it and it works very good. Lime is about $10.00 for 50lb sack.
    I know your question states in the house, but I found that to control flees in the house you have to also control the source and that’s always been my yard.

  • betty_the_homemaker

    There are many different products on the market that can help and are safe around babies and pets.

    Diatomaceous Earth (food grade)
    Flea Traps (try the Fleazee trap)
    Natural Chemistry DeFlea Concentrate

    Fleas do not just live in your carpet or pet. They can hide in floor cracks and base boards. Bedding is also a favorite hiding spot.

    As the owner of 6 indoor cats I have never had a full on flea infestation. We do have some fleas in the spring and summer from pet sitting the neighbor’s dog while they are on vacation. Here is my simple recipe to being flea free.

    I use the DeFlea in my carpet shampooer to kill the pests in the carpets and hardwoods. I also spray the base boards with it to kill the hidden ones. After the floors dry I vacuum the floors to suck up even more. I use some Diatomaceous Earth in my canister to kill the buggers once they are vacuumed. I then sprinkle the floors with more Diatomaceous Earth to get the next generation of fleas and larva. I set my flea traps and wait. If my traps show large amounts of fleas(over 2 weeks) I do everything over until the traps are clean!

    I also want to mention I use Flea Free in the cats’ water to help rid the house of fleas.

  • saaanen

    Call an exterminator. They are professionals, and will use safe chemicals. Trying this on your own will only lead to frustration and a lot of wasted money.

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