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Do you know of an organic way to rid fleas in the grass?

We have already done the vet script drops. They may not be multipling on the dog but we still find them on him. Worried about getting in the carpet and won’t use pesticides. Thoughts…..

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4 comments to Do you know of an organic way to rid fleas in the grass?

  • Eno

    you should use the spot on every 4 weeks.
    Forget organic.. get a proffesional in to fumigate inside your house and the yard.
    Carpet will have millions of eggs in it. Just waiting till a live warm host passes by to hatch and jump on.

  • JOAN W

    Either try sevin dust or food grade diatomaceous earth like from this company. It is natural but it does take a while to work.


    The food grade is the only one safe for pets & you can shop around for it. Sevin dust can’t be supposed indoors or on pets but yards only.

  • ms manners

    Beneficial nematodes work great out in the yard – I have used them for years, and I dont even have to put flea stuff on my dogs any more.

    Carpet is harder – they make products that actually stop fleas from reproducing. I have some leftover somewhere – I will see if I can find it and give you the name.

    I got rid of my carpet – have laminate with washable throw rugs, so there is no place for any fleas to hang out and breed in my house.

  • Ohiorganic

    I have had great results using beneficial nematodes and a high quality dog food (something that contains no corn or animal byproducts which is not Iams or Science Diet). I do not put toxic chemicals on my dogs or cat and have zero fleas because they get great food. Several years ago I applied nematodes to my soil and said bye, bye to the fleas in the yard.

    You can the nematodes from http://www.buglogical.com

    BTW Sevin is very, very toxic and definitely NOT organic in any way shape of form

    You do not need a professional to fumigate your yard with toxic chemicals as one answerer seems to think, the nematodes work very well and and within a couple of days.

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