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How to get rid of fleas in furniture?

I am looking for non-chemical ways of getting rid of fleas in a couch. Since my fiancee is pregnant we really don’t want to use the harsh chemical flea sprays. We are going to spray it with apple cider vinegar and maybe even put eucalyptus leaves in the cushions, but does anyone else know of any natural ways to get rid of fleas?
Luckily we have no carpet, so its really only the couch which is a problem.

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7 comments to How to get rid of fleas in furniture?

  • Cherie M

    Simple as it sounds, vacumming the couch well, several times a day, will get rid of most of them. The adult fleas, if active, will be sucked up, and if there are no adult fleas there are no eggs to hatch new fleas. This may take a week or so, but it really does work. Also, spray the couch with common household fly spray (get your partner to stay out of the room) once a day. (About 20 minutes after vacumming)

  • brandy

    rubbing alcohol may work,but you may end up having to somewhere to get flea killer because they will get out of control and they will eat you up and they are hard to get rid of.better to do it now before the baby comes.congrats on your baby!

  • lindylou

    You can use 20 mule team borax. The boric acid in it will dry up eggs and adults. Or go to a natural pet food and get some DCE. It is diame—spelling. In long terms it is a ancient fossil of sea creatures. It comes in dust form. Wear a mask and sprinkle it in the couch, around the edges of the room, and under any furniture. You can cover the couch with a blanket for your partner. Leave it on for 12-24 hours. Vacuum thoroughly. Get rid of the vacuum bag, far from the house. They can crawl out and reinfect you house. You only have to do this once a month.
    Fleas don’t like lemon scented soap, eucalyptus leaves, and Skin so Soft from Avon. Try a eucalyptus scented spray. They don’t like the plant called Penny-royal. It is a wild flower that pioneers used to rub on themselves to prevent bug bites. Grows best outside.

  • Cassidy

    vacuuming a lot helps. it sucks them out, then bring it outside far away and dump it!!

  • dokomo

    I just this in the mail and it has a lot of natural garden items. http://www.planetnatural.com

    You do not have to go to this web site but I like using a product called Flea Stoppers Carpet Powder.

    Most of the time Flea lives off of animals, but on the ground. I would get rid of carpet, or vacuum often and do laundry often.

  • clcprodigy

    I have a whole list of sites with information about about controlling fleas. Personally, I just use a little dish soap in water and comb and clean my animal outdoors once a week, I use Diatomaceaus earth, and while it says it caused lung inflammation and emphysema, in the USA this product has to meet OSHA standards for silica content, which prevents these reactions. Of course you have to follow all the initial clean up. Diatomaceous Earth is like the energizer bunny and just keeps on killing fleas, and they can never develop and immunity like they are starting to do with all the other insecticides. Here is one site that list Diatomaceous Earth, you have to get it from a Garden Nursery, and be aware that there is a product of this that is used for pool filtration that will not work as an insecticide. http://www.pesticide.org/fleas.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diatomaceous_earth In this source you can read about the safety of Diatomaceous Earth, gardeners all over the usa use it in their gardens.

  • ladydi

    Below are a few ways to get fleas of your carpet, floors and upholstery. Each solution is simple and inexpensive. The only thing it’ll cost you is a little elbow-grease.

    Dawn. Pour one tablespoon of Dawn Dishwashing Liquid into a sixteen-ounce trigger spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with water and shake well. Spray it on the carpet, upholstery and floors. Soap dries up fleas and other insects killing them almost instantly. After fifteen minutes, wipe over the areas you applied this solution to with a damp towel and vacuum.

    Hartz 2-in-1 Flea & Tick Collar. When you vacuum the floor and carpet, throw a Hartz 2-in-1 Flea and Tick Collar inside the bag. It will kill any live fleas that might latter escape and resume their life.

    Lysol. Looking for a quick trick to kill fleas. Pull out a can of Lysol disinfectant and spray down your house. The antiseptic in it kills fleas. Repeat this process for three days straight in order to kill any newly hatched fleas.

    Morton Salt. For fleas embedded deeply into your carpet, sprinkle it liberally with Morton Salt. Wait three hours and vacuum-up thoroughly.

    20 Mule Team Borax. Sprinkle a light coating of this product on your carpets and floors. Let it sit for twenty-four hours. Afterwards, vacuum-up. The borax will kill all of the fleas.

    Pine-sol. Pour one-quarter cup of Lemon Pine-Sol into a sixteen-ounce trigger-spray bottle. Afterwards, fill the remainder of it with water. Shake well and spray it all over your carpets and upholstery. This popular cleanser kills fleas and simultaneously deodorizes your home.

    If you have a pet..you should make sure they are treated with something the Vet recommends…not any of the above products should be applied to pets (with the exception of Dawn dishwashing liquid which is safe).

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