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How to rid fleas on 2 week old puppies?

My puppies are two weeks old today and have had fleas since they were just a few days old. The mother WILL NOT clean them, I have tried to get rid of them, but nothing seems to work. I have been using a flea comb and combing the fleas off of them daily (I comb the fleas into the toilet), and have been bleaching the linens they lie on. Vacuuming all the rooms in my home several times a day. And have even relocated them to a different room (incase it is just that room). Nothing works. They have dried blood on them in certain areas and the fleas are back on them within minutes. My dog has had puppies before and I have never had this problem so please no “you dont know what your doing” comments. I am doing the best I can.

What should I do?
My vet has told me I shouldn’t bath them until they are older.
The mother doesn’t have fleas to the extent they do and she is bathed regularly. I have been combing her aswell.

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6 comments to How to rid fleas on 2 week old puppies?

  • !There is no cure for ignorance!call a vet!

    Try this i found this link and please spay her after this litter for her sake

  • Nicole

    try using apple cider vinegar, it is natural, no medicine, so it shouldn’t hurt the puppies, but fleas absolutely despise the smell/taste. Put it on a sponge or hand towel and just wipe it on them as little as possible since they are just babies. And make sure to vacuum a lot to pick up any loose fleas/eggs/larva

    Good Luck

  • jesilyn

    The problem with bathing puppies that young is to keep them from getting chilled. Bath them in warm water with Dawn dish soap (kills fleas and won’t hurt the pups), dry well and blow dry on a medium setting. Mom needs a bath as well and change the linens. That will help a lot. But if the fleas are in your home, you will need to repeat as needed until you can get rid of the them using a pesticide.

  • big ed

    A flea bath/dip may be too harsh at that age, you may try a light powdering of seven dust, available at hardware stores, but if you do make certain they don’t lick themselves. Other than that it sounds like you are doing the right things.

  • marci knows best

    You Vet can give you meds for the mother dog that are safe for a nursing queen. That should help some. Here is a good article with other suggestions

  • TK

    You have to get the fleas out of the environment. Fleas spend most of their time in the bedding and carpets, coming onto the dog only to feed.
    When you vacuum do you empty the bag outside as soon as you’re done? Do that and add a cut up flea collar to the bag before you start to vacuum. The toxins slow the fleas down and may kill some. Totally strip all bedding from the whelping box and wash it with some bleach and hot water. Scrub the whelping box and the area around it and lay down a barrier against fleas around the outside of the box. There are products that won’t have toxic fumes to harm the whelps but will repel fleas.
    If nothing works, then I would have the family boarded at your veterinarian’s for two days and get the home bug-bombed professionally.

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