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My dog has fleas; what can I do to rid fleas from my house?

My 80 pound Labrador Retriever has had fleas for about a month and a half. We tried Frontline Plus topical medications and Releve brand flea shampoo. Any solutions to get them out of my dog and then out of my house? At home remedies would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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7 comments to My dog has fleas; what can I do to rid fleas from my house?

  • Techno_325

    flea collar

  • rhsaunders

    Use Frontline or Advantage on the pooch, and fumigate the house. Fumigants for the purpose are available at hardware stores. You may have to bomb the place twice, as the gas kills adult fleas and larvae but not eggs. See the directions for details.

  • pinkpugsy

    This is an answer I gave to someone else but I’m just going to copy and paste it. Good luck!

    Like people said above, first and foremost you need to treat your house. Fleas not only come in on your pets, they hitchhike on you as well. And while adult fleas and eggs spend most of their time on the host animal, the larvae love to live in the carpet and feed off of dried blood and excrement produced by the adult fleas (yum). Fleas can also be in your bed, in your dogs’ beds, on the couch, etc. You can treat your doggies all you want, but if your home is infested, new fleas are going to jump right back on them. There are lots of options for treating your home, including flea powders, foggers/bombs, and sprays. Foggers and bombs are the strongest treatments, but require that every living thing be out of the house for several hours. If that’s just not practical for you, buy a spray or powder. Follow the directions for whatever brand you buy, but they generally tell you to treat all of the carpet and other soft surfaces and to keep animals off of them until they are dry. Another important step is to VACUUM. Fleas just cannot survive a good vacuuming. I recommend that people vacuum both before and after treating the home. A good tip is to stomp around really hard on the carpet before you vacuum. This will loosen up the larvae that are hanging out in the bottom of the carpet and bring them to the top so you are sure they get sucked up. You should also vacuum your car if your dogs ride in it often, because fleas will live in there too.

    While you’re treating your home, it’s a good time to treat your pets too. For this, you definitely want to use a name-brand flea preventative such as Frontline, Advantage and Revolution. There are cheaper store-brand flea preventatives out there (Hartz is one example), but these are not nearly as safe. I can’t tell you how many animals have had to come in for treatment due to an allergic reaction to knock-off flea meds. Flea collars are also very dangerous- they are like pesticides that you and your animal get to breathe in all day (bad idea). I personally use Frontline. It may be more expensive than store brands, but one application can control fleas for up to 3 months, which makes it more price comparable to cheaper brands.

    Finally, I would also recommend that you go to your vet and purchase a Capstar for each dog. These are little $8 pills that will kill most of the adult fleas on your dog in one hour, and all of the adult fleas within 4 hours. Between Capstar and Frontline, your dogs should be flea-free within 24 hours. Then, if any new fleas jump on them (from outside or a remnant of the home infestation), the Frontline will kill them for up to 3 months.

  • Anna E

    Try using Revolution instead of Frontline and you will probably need to use a bomb for fleas in your home, maybe more than once depending on the extent of the infestation. You also might consider spraying your yard. Good Luck.

  • samchuckabutty

    Keep treating the pooch but you need to treat carpets and soft furnishings which have been in contact too.
    Flea eggs can live for alomg time in carpets etc.
    Deep clean!

  • Wolf_Grrl

    Fleas hatch in cycles I suggest that you apply the frontline plus monthly for a few months. VACUUM!!!! You can also get carpet flea powder, remove your pet and then follow the directions- You will have to repeat as fleas have life cycles. Wash your pets bedding regularly, keep your grass short. If frontline plus is truley not working they have a new product called comfortis (sp?) that your vet can prescribe and is flea prevention in a chewable pills.

  • Kim K9

    Advantage works quite well, one application last for a whole month and sometimes even longer. I’ve tried Frontline, but I think my dog was allergic to it and he started scratching after a few weeks.

    As for getting fleas out of your house, buy Raid Flea Killer spray for home carpets. Depending on how large your home or flea infested area is, one or two cans will be sufficient in spraying the carpet and letting it work its magic. You have to leave your home while it takes effect and vacum the areas you spray afterwards. The times I’ve used it, I notice the I don’t get any flea bites immediately.

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