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Safest way to get rid of fleas in a house with a 3 year old in the house?

I need the safest, fastest way to get rid fleas in a house
I’m guessing we brought the fleas in when we were outside playing with the dog and my daughter picked up a stray kitten. I’ve treated our dog and there are no animals in the house, just trying to get the darn things out

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9 comments to Safest way to get rid of fleas in a house with a 3 year old in the house?

  • Huh?

    I had the same problem when my kid was just one year old.
    My neighbors dog brought the fleas in, we didn’t even have any pets.
    I made plans for most of the day out and about with my boy and just before we left I set off some fumigation bombs in the house. When we got back in the afternoon I took my son to a friend while I went back to the house and completely washed everything down and cleaned the entire house before I went and got my baby.
    It was a lot of work. You could call an exterminator too. Fast and easy and most likely the safest, but usually pretty pricey.

  • Chris W

    go to the vets and ask for a household flee spray u do 1 room at a time and open windows so it is being aired out and no 1 go in the room once u have sprayed that room u need to spray everything eg curtains floors rugs mats carpets any nooks crannies sofas chairs etc hope this helps you out and good luck

  • aj_franklin

    You will have to “bomb” your house with aerosol flea sprays. That means taking your child away for about 4 hours until the vapors have all cleared out and there is no residue on carpets or furniture.

    You can get the right kind of flea-bombs at pet stores or even in Wal Mart. Short of doing that kind of thorough cleaning you might try getting an exterminator in to treat the area.

    If you have animals get a good prescription parasiticide like “Revolution” that you put on the animal’s neck/back once a month to stop further outbreaks.

  • Replace

    Remove 3 year old, yourself, cat, and every other living thing (including plants) at the time the professional exterminator arrives. Plan to be gone 4-6 hours.

    Anythng less is a waste of money.

  • Connie S

    get a topical flea product from your vet, frontline or advantage – I prefer FL cause it works for three months, but there is less liquid in advantage, so tha tis up to you.

    Put it on after your child goes to sleep for the night, by morning it should have all soaked in. It is not toxic, but it isn’t the nicest thing on an tummy (aka will give you an upset stomach if you ingest it but it won’t kill you) so you don’t want to allow the kitty into her bedroom that night.

    Vacuum up the house – THROW AWAY THE BAG – as fleas will jump out and reinfect the house.

    Do not use OTC products as they are generally either ineffective or in a lot of cases toxic to the kitty. I am very leary of vet products sold OTC such as the packs of Frontline at your local pet store. the manufactures of these products ONLY sell directly to vets, and no longer back their products if you buy them anywhere else. So these stores got these products from secondary sources. Vets who broke their contract or from out of the country. Both leave huge doors open for counterfit products to get into the market – which has happened in the past and I’m sure is probably happening now.

    Any fleas left in the house will jump on the cat for a meal and be killed by the product. Eggs will probably remain in the house, but the same thing, once they hatch they’ll jump on the kitty.

    I get fleas from time to time because I foster for a local shelter. rarely do I have to treat more than one time. and I’ve never treated my house. – even after one set of isolated fosters in my basement ended up infesting another set of fosters upstairs. Just treated everyone, and it took care of the problem.

  • hudsongray

    Fleas can come in on your clothing or even through the window screen.

    It’s been shown that a flea sucked up in the standard vacuum cleaner dies 98% of the time. Keep vacuuming. It’s the most effective way. If you ‘bomb’ the house then any surface has that poison on it–floors, tables, toys, silverware, etc. It’s impossible to clean it all off. Not the best thing with toddlers in the house.

  • Jess

    Flea bombs are not safe for you, your daughter or your dog. Treat the dog with a safe topical flea treatment like Frontline, Advantix or Advantage. Hartz, Seargents, Bio Spot etc, do not work and can be toxic. By treating the dog, you are treating your house as well. Just wash all bedding, vacuum frequently and get some Borax (the old school remedy powdered detergent) sprinkle it on the carpets, around the baseboards etc and then vacuum it up. Fleas need a host, which would be the dog, so if the dog is treated with a safe, high quality flea treatment, they will eventually jump on the dog and soon die.

  • jadedangel55

    Treat any animals with advantage. It’s simple, fast and easy. Then, put a flea collar in your vacuum (only if it has a bag though). This will kill any fleas that have managed to get into the vacuum. I know it’s scary for with a small child but using extremes such as bombing and such isn’t safe either.

  • xyzzybaluba

    You have a flea egg problem more than an actual flea problem.

    If you have not done so, spend an afternoon in the park while you bomb the house. Then vaccum the house. Sprinkle ordinary table salt on everything made of porous materials. Make sure and salt under the couch pillows and in the cracks of the couch. Do not forget to salt under all the furniture. Let it sit overnight. Vaccum everything again and throw away the bag.

    To be safe I would do the salt treatment 2 days in a row. The bomb should kill all the fleas and the salt will kill the flea eggs and any fleas not killed by the poison.

    I have heard that the salt alone will kill fleas, but I just do not know. I know it prevents eggs from hatching.

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