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How do I Train my Jack Russell Terrior?

He’s a hyper dog and likes to play. He chews on everything he can. We only had him for less than a full week now. He potty’s all over the place EXCEPT where he is suppose to. Any Advice? Thanks.

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4 comments to How do I Train my Jack Russell Terrior?

  • bells *Fat Dog / Small Head*

    Advise on what?

    its a T-E-R-R-I-E-R…by the way…learn to spell your dog’s breed correctly

    He will potty where you train him…he WILL NOT figure this out by himself. You as the owner will need to housebreak him.

    That info is available in books and online…

  • rhiannon r

    Hi i have just had a new pup, we have had him for 3 weeks now, luckily he doesn’t chew furnature as we bought him LOADS of toys to keep him occupied, have you tried praising him when he is playing with toys and telling him a firm NO when chewing furnature? also there is a spray available which you spray on places you dont want him to chew or pee, as they dont like the smell of it, also pepper is supposed to be good for this. As far as the peeing goes, unfortunatly you really do have to watch your dog as often as you can, whenever he gets up and moves follow him, if he starts smelling around just pick him up and put him out as he is probably looking for a place to pee. and when he pees outside plenty of praise, and a treat. also another tip is to clean up the area where your pup had the accident in biological washing powder, as this distroys the smell, so the dog cant smell it anymore, so hopefully will put him off from going back to that same area. And lastly, have you tried crate training? At first i wasnt fussed on the idea myself, as i thought it was cruel, but after him being in it for 2 weeks, its the best thing iv done. Just put in a comphy blanket and some toys to make it feel comfortable for him, but dont get one thats big enough for him to go pee, just one thats big enough for him to move around a bit and be comphy, as dogs dont tend to go pee in their bed which is what the crate will be to him, and this also helps with the toilet training, when you cant watch your pup, eg bed time, when your in the shower, or out shopping put him in the crete, just take him outside to go to the toilet, then put him in, and as soon as you return, take him straight back out. But try not to leave him in there for to long when your not there (around 3-4 hours at a time). And it may also benifit you to take him to some puppy training classes. Sorry its so long, but i hope this helps you, as this is what i have done, and my pup wont toilet indoors any more, he waits by the back door for me to let him out, and also he doesnt chew anything, so good luck.

  • Sophinator

    age? training a older dog is different than a puppy. neutered jack males make a better house dog because they are very territorial crating and take out at regular interval for potty and when he first wakes lots of exercise and chew toys tough ones! chuck-it has a the best rubber ball 7.95 for 2 and it has to be the rubber one with no hole they can chew any other one to pieces the book jack russells for dummies is also a good book i have 5 and i have the book and we have had jacks most my life and i’m not young good luck

  • Carolyn

    when i got my jack russell,she peed all over too.keep it in a place with just floor.take it on a walk so it can pee freely outdoors.
    also,jack russells are supposed to be super-hyper–it can be exhausting!!

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