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I have a jack russell terrier who is very aggressive toward my other dogs (a lab and blue tick) what can I do?

I adopted a jack russell terrior mix about 4 months ago. He was about 6 weeks old when I bought him home. He is very loving when he finally calms down but he doesn’t let my lab or my blue tick eat in peace or play without him jumping on top of them. He growls and because very agressive with the other dogs. Is this “normal” for this breed? I must confess I did not do any research before getting him. My other dogs are so tame and loving I don’t know how much more I can take from the “wild beast”. He is not at all agressive towards any family members. Are they best suited for being in a one dog home? Also he is very hyper as far as jumping on you over and over again. How can he be trained not to do that? I have tried ignoring him and telling him to stop and sit but he just seems to jump even more.

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5 comments to I have a jack russell terrier who is very aggressive toward my other dogs (a lab and blue tick) what can I do?

  • ezgi w

    yes it is normal

  • Nichole R

    Is there another male in the house? If so this might be a dominance issue. It may also just be a territorial thing. I have three dogs, one of which is a JRT mix and she is the only female but when the shepherd mix comes to eat out of her bowl, even if she is not currently eating she will walk over and start to growl at him. As far as the jumping thing goes I have read that making a loud noise is supposed to distract them from what they are currently doing. Try dropping keys on the floor or clapping loudly and saying no every time he does something he is not supposed to do. Also it may be a good idea to read up on the breed. Do some research on the internet and buy some books they will tell you so much more on what you are going to be getting into.

  • Little Red Hen

    The pup was taken from the litter too soon. This means that your dog has not learned bite inhibition from its littermates, and that’s always a problem.

    What do your other dogs do when he growls and gets “aggressive”? My advice is to let them chastise him, if necessary. If they themselves get along with other dogs, they won’t hurt him, they’ll just reprimand him so that he’ll learn some limits.

    Training a JRT is tough. Find a trainer who owns and likes terriers, teaches all the AKC novice exercises within ten or twelve weeks, and doesn’t use food. (that itself is a tall order, but be persistent) I won’t kid you — training this breed isn’t easy, but once you do, you’ll know that you can handle just about any dog!

    Good luck.

  • Richelle

    Most terriers are aggressive. one of my Jacks used to attack my Rotti if he looked at him the wrong way, thank goodness the Rotti wasn’t aggressive!
    You may want to do some research on Jack russels… they are high energy dogs!!!

  • dj_crippy

    One of my dogs is the same is’t normal for a Jack russelle terrier

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