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Jack Russell Puppies

Three Jack Russel puppies harassing my father. Music courtesy of Jack Johnson.

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25 comments to Jack Russell Puppies

  • Abthebest13

    I Love my dog 😀 Hes a 7 month old male jack russle

  • narumexz

    this vid giuve me a smile

  • endorse80

    @Hannah4141 Cool for you!

  • TheGodfatherSahil12

    0:20 Senior Abuse 😛

  • Hannah4141

    Awwww, I got my JRT last night she will be 7 weeks tomorrow…I still have to look at her to remind myself just how tiny she actually is…I’ve had a JRT before but she was 4 when she came to me!!…This is really scary, keep thinking I’ll lose her as she doesn’t follow me round the house at the moment, gets to the door and stops!! Bless her….My children and I have named her Holly she was born on Christmas Day!! …I can’t wait until she’s racing round like these pups!! :o) xx

  • EddieBsB

    Only God knows how I wish I had a Jack Russel at home.
    Unfortunatelly I stay most part of my day at work. He would not deserve to suffer alone at home all that time…
    That’s why I do not get one.

    But I wish I had. =(

    I sometimes spend many hours at night just watching dog videos trying to ease the loneliness…

  • 67675656565655656565

    we just lost our jack russell of 7 years 2 days ago got attacked by a staffie.House just does not feel the same anymore rip joey.

  • 1961spike

    A fantastic bit of filming

  • colepeck1

    @CandyElliexx i had a jack russel named Buddy as well but unfortanly he got hit by a car 3 days ago): he was the best dog ever…… R.I.P Budro!!!):

  • lucario554

    aww so cute

  • bjpw1234

    @ACDC88 Crushed by a garage door? Oh my god that’s terrible! I’m so sorry for both of your lost pups.

  • ACDC88

    i love jacks, ive had three, just not the best of luck. one we had for two weeks before she was crushed by a garage door, RIP rosie, another we had to put down at the age of 6 because he was overly vicious to everyone except my family and I, RIP blaze, u were a great dog!! and my little suzie now who is 15, had her for most of my life, for as long as i remember she was there, and i dont know what i will do when she is gone !! love u all, and all jack russells !! 🙂

  • Deliah71

    @MW2killed Both!!! Need lots of exercise but loads of attention too!!! Once you have one, you will never, EVER, have another breed of dog, they are just BRILL!!

  • Deliah71

    @teraaaaay I hope your little JR is doing well, they are the best breed of dog in the world………top dogs…….totally!

  • Deliah71

    @TheMollyAndMitzi What a beautiful video!!! YEY!!! Jack Russells rule!!!!!!

  • MW2killed

    does anybody know if this kind of breed is a good indoor dog?

  • MrAwanturnik1910

    supeer !!!!!!!! jack rusell ja mam t? ras?i nie tylko mam te? labladora

  • soulboy121

    fuck the people that hate jack russels

  • CandyElliexx

    I got a jack russel yesterday!! it is a puppy called Buddie 🙂 I love him to bits!

  • MrMarcelify

    I want one to! is there any good nicknames?

  • shengtan7

    I have a 6 year old JRT… Her name is Deztiny… got her years ago from a friend that was moving and couldn’t keep her. She has been a part of the family ever since. She is a wonderful playmate for my 6 year old son and fills each day with love and laughter..

  • ableangleleah

    I have a jackrussel who had 5 owners inthe first 6 months of his life, but we are gonna keep him forever!!!! I love my Sammy by :3

  • ILiveInDreamLand


  • niksaysrockon

    I have a jack russell. Shes 6years old. Shes amazing. They are fun to play with and love their owners:). I got her for free so I was lucky. Lol. But they’re truly amazing dogs. They’re one of the most abandoned dogs besides pitbulls. :l

  • stix471

    LOL 0:21 “KILL HIIIM!!! jokes cute little creatures though 😀

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