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What dogs are jack russell terriers best with?

I’m thinking about getting a jack russell terrier, and I want another dog too, but I don’t know what kind jack russell’s get along well with.

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3 comments to What dogs are jack russell terriers best with?

  • AQHAPesky1

    If you train your dogs and become the pack leader, Jack Russel Terriers can get along with any breed.


  • ERIC

    I have an Alaskan malamute and an Irish red setter. Both get on very well with my JRT. They are mixed sexes, and all get along very well. My JRT meets lots of dogs on our walks, and she does not seem to have any preference !

  • Natalie

    Jack Russells can get along with any breed just fine as long as you train and discipline them correctly. I would highly reccomend getting the opposite sex though… They say a dog will never hurt a bi – er, female dog lol but they can be aggressive around other dogs to assert their dominance. Also, females are known to be snappy around other females. I had a Jack Russell for 15 years (male) and when we introduced another dog (female) he growled at her for the first few days and was a little wary but he never hurt her. She was a Tibetan Spaniel, by the way. Anyway, they were together 10 years before he sadly passed away, and they were great companions. Our tibbie pined for him after he went 🙁

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