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What’s the difference between Parson Jack Russell terriers, and Irish Jack Russell Terriers?

I’m getting a dog soon, and I think I’m going to choose a Jack Russell Terrier. I know there are two different types, so if you could give me some differences between them that would be great.

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3 comments to What’s the difference between Parson Jack Russell terriers, and Irish Jack Russell Terriers?

  • mutant

    from my understanding size
    the parson is a li larger ,
    but in the end a Reverend introduced the dog , in the uk ,
    that how it got the name of the “jack russel parson terrier”
    remember there are miniatures of the breed to , no Standard breed definition , like wire coat / smooth , long or short legged
    short legs good for rats /rabbits
    long legs rabbits
    but all types of russell < killing machines >


    coming from england, i should know a lil about the breed, and even uk kennel club still a lil undecided about this question, whats the difference?!
    but at end of day ALL terriers were breed for killing
    you will still to this day hardly see a farm in the uk without a russell,
    it a know fact that russels have a “built in amunity ” against rat bites, if any normal dog was to kill a rat it would get ill very quickly,
    pest controlers in the uk still use russells for rats ,as well as other methods,
    i love the gutsy -no fear attuide of them

  • Kelle

    Google some info.

    I have Jacks.

    There is no Irish Jack Russell

    The Parson Jack Russell was initially bred and the genetics worked on in Ireland/Britain. There are 3 different coat types.

    Several years ago there was a split between the show people’s Jacks and the hunting Jacks.

    This has resulted in the Parson Jack Russell Terrier and the Jack Russell Terrier.

    The JRT is not a first time dog. Do not get one from a shelter. Find a reputable breeder.

    Poorly bred Jacks can be unmanageable and vicious. They are very popular so MANY end up in a shelter.

  • Tom

    Hi there,

    The Parson Russell Terrier is a recognized breed under the all-breed dog organizations such as the AKC. Basically, if you want a Jack Russell that’s a show dog, you get a Parson. They have longer legs and are less functional for hunting. There’s no difference in temperament. More information here: http://www.jack-russell-lover.com/parson-terrier.html

    Irish Jacks are simply Jack Russells bred for their temperament, rather than appearance or working qualities. They’re supposed to be Jack Russells that are more appropriate as family pets, apartment dogs, and so on. Just a calmer version of a typical Jack Russell. More here: http://www.jack-russell-lover.com/irish-jack-russell.html

    Hope this answers your question,

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