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Working Jack Russell Terriers.

Training Jack Russell Terriers at the park. Exercising and playing with your dogs off leash.

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4 comments to Working Jack Russell Terriers.

  • jackdoggerdog

    Find a off leash park in your area. Take some little treats with you. When he comes back to you, give a treat. Use positive reinforcement to train your jack. It won’t take long until you are comfortable that he won’t run away. Before long, he’ll be running around? you on your bike.

  • Gary Pal

    hey can u tell me how u train ur jack russell for offleash,? i have a jack russell 5 months, as he gets older he needs more exercise, i do jogging with him daily on leash and i get super tired while hes still in good shape, i hate that so i want him to ride my bike instead but i cant ride with leash, he comes under the tire so plz gimme advice

  • jackdoggerdog

    Both my dogs are 5 years old. If i don’t run them,? they tear the house apart!

  • chizniky

    How old is your smooth coat? Ours used to have energy like that, we ran her all the time. She is 12? now, and has slowed down dramatically, unless she see’s rabbits!

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