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Does a Jack Russell Terrier coat type change with age?

The breeder of my Jack Russell puppy told me he was “broken” coated, but when I got him at 9 weeks he looked like a smooth coat. He is now almost 5 months and his coat is changing? He is getting thicker wirery fur around his chin and on his back.

Are broken coated terrier usually born smooth and change with age?

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4 comments to Does a Jack Russell Terrier coat type change with age?

  • ?shelter puppies rule?

    YES they are often born appearing smoother, but they are not really smooth coated.

    Their “top fur” “dies” as new fur grows in. That’s the best way I know how to put it.

    The coat will also change if it’s not properly taken care of, but it just gets more wire-y.

  • casey

    the father of my jrt was a broken coat and he did look smooth as a puppy … but when he got older he got fuzzies on his paws and back and snout … the mother was a smooth coat … and my dog turned out smooth too :O)


  • Dragonfry

    Broken coated means that the coat will not lay flat, that the hair is wiry and has some curl to it. Broken coated dogs need to be stripped (combed with a tight toothed comb) to prevent the coat from becoming too thick and looking like he has been licking a light socket. All dogs have a change of coat, they drop their puppy coats as they reach about 6 months or so and start to grow in their adult coats. If you do not wish to have a wild and wooly looking dog you can either have him stripped or clipped. Either of which will change his coat. Also if you have him neutered the coat can also change to a softer and finer coat that becomes thicker. Totally normal.

  • Mireya

    When they are young, a smooth coat could look like a broken coat and vise versa. It is hard to tell when they are that young.

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