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Jack Russell Terrier Help!!!!!?

Hi, i have a 6 month old jack russel and a 7 year old jack russel. The puppy keeps nipping my older jack russel on the neck and will not stop. How do i help stop this because its not good for the older dog. Also any tips to help train the puppy? Thank

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2 comments to Jack Russell Terrier Help!!!!!?

  • Bill L

    They will be fine as the puppy gets older.


  • Jon jonny

    The key to effective Jack Russell Terrier training is consistency, especially with this particular breed.
    As intelligent and quick to learn as the Russell is, it is absolutely vital that you are consistent.

    It won’t work if one day you allow your Russell to get on a chair or sofa that you prefer he didn’t, and then the next day you scold him for it. This is bad Jack Russell terrier training.

    Russells are so quick to take advantage, that before you can turn around twice, they will be commanding the show, having become the leader of your particular “pack”!

    The rules of the “kennel” – whether that means a literal kennel, or a home shared with the rest of the family, must be enforced–by you!

    Most dogs can quickly become spoiled simply because the owner has neglected the show of their own authority over the dog.

    They don’t realize that while they feel good about showing the dog affection and attention, they have actually left the dog unstable and even unhappy because there have been no boundaries set. As a result…without consistent Jack Russell terrier training, the dog feels confused and unsafe.

    He wants the leader of the pack… to LEAD! Well, so much the more can it be the case in little Russells.

    If you let these ‘Little Generals’ get the upper hand…you can have a real terrier-ist on your hands.

    Heres also what you can do:
    1. Put a gate if you have a upstairs and downstairs in between that or maybe through the kitchen or something and make one puppy sit upstairs and one downstairs.
    2. crate the nipping puppy tell it no!
    3. Pick up the puppy and hold its mouth and say No! Not shouting or chasing the puppy. Just firmly.
    Also for number 3. Do a alligator mouth and bite its neck like it does to the older one. This will definitely help

    Hope these help!

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