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jack russell terrier info!?

can you please tell me a bit about jack russells like their behaviour and personalitys 😉 x sorry for any spelling mistakes or if this makes no scence 😀 sorry xx

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7 comments to jack russell terrier info!?

  • Brittany

    I’ve never owned one, but from my experiences with them, here’s what I know:

    They’re really fast, they are not scared of anything, they listen well, and they’re loyal.

    Most of their behavior and personality is a result of training, not genetics. Just like us, we’d all be different people if our pasts were different.

  • PocketSized

    Hyper. Very hyper. I have a Jack Russel. She was easy to train as far as going outside to use the bathroom. She’s very smart and knows how to do tricks that weren’t even taught to her. She’s quite the character. All dogs have different personalities but I do know that most of them are hyper and need a lot of attention when they are puppies.

    When it comes to grooming, they shed and you need to brush them every few days so your shirts don’t turn white or whatever color you decide to get. My jackrussel has straight hair and I would recommend getting the straight hair type and not the kind that’s kind of kinky and curly because it gets dirty and matted easily.

  • Chels

    they are very hyper!
    i have a half jack russell/ half chihuahua and he is crazy!
    he runs in circles around the house.
    but they are really sweet. they don’t bark too much or too little.
    i think they are great dogs 🙂

  • K

    My experience with JRTs is that they’re incredibly smart, they need tons of exercise, they’re not scared of anything and they’re loyal as all get out. They’re great little dogs, but if you don’t give them enough exercise, they become very destructive.

  • nickkelly4dogs

    Jack Russell Terriers are a crazy breed (in a good way). Everyone thinks they are a cute little lap dogs but they are actually very hyper and energetic. Their personality and behavior- they re very loyal, energetic, and really really smart. If you are thinking about a jack russell, make sure that you can provide lots of time in exercise. A daily walk will not do too much. They have to have a play session or some free time to just run around and play. They need to be well socialized because most don’t tolerate too well and most don’t do to well with rodents or cats only because their instincts are to chase and possibly injure the rodents as if they were prey. There is a lot to consider but these dogs are spunky and smart and I get a good laugh out of them because you never know what they might do next. They certainly will put a smile on your face. =)

    They do shed like most dogs do so I would suggest you brush them every other or every third day because there will be hair all over you clothes and furniture if you don’t. This breed usually live long so somewhere around 15 years, you will have this dog to enjoy.

  • ???????

    I owned one, his name was Flash.
    He was extremely energetic, playful, & loved to jump.
    They need lots of exercise & mental stimulation, they are an intelligent breed as well.

    This is a very good link.

  • Tom

    Hi there,

    This site will tell you pretty much everything you might want to know about Jack Russells: http://www.jack-russell-lover.com

    Enjoy 🙂

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