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Why is my Jack Russell terrier so aggressive?

My dog is really aggressive, and non stop barking when you move, and he has even bit my dad where part of his skin spilt, please can someone help, because my dad says he may have to get rid of him!

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6 comments to Why is my Jack Russell terrier so aggressive?

  • Crazy4Dogs

    Need more details. Just saying that he barks when you move and that hes bitten isnt enough to say why he is so aggressive.

    What I might be thinking is fear aggression. But to say anything more I would need more details.

  • owl

    jack russell take over soft owners … had you done any professional training classes with him ??? have you read any books on how to train a jack russell ??? did you do any reading on the breed before you got him ??? if a jack russell does not respect you as the owner and leader, he will be aggressive and unmanageable … i would get some professional help, either a trainer or classes or even a book to help you … jack russells for dummies is a good book, easy to read, with simple tips on what this dog needs … and if you commit to exercising the dog running for at least an hour a day will help … running beside a bike, you or someone on rollerblades, you will see a difference in his behaviour … you can get a citronella no-bark collar and he will learn very quickly to shut up with the barking … dogs take some effort to make them good dogs …


  • Dasia Reichert

    They are aggressive dogs. I have a J.R./Boston mix. He is like that too sometimes. But normally I’d say get some professional help.

  • Ocimom

    Its sounds like a MAJOR temperament problem with your dog. Terriers do have a somewhat aggressive personality, but yours is going overboard. Where did you get your dog from? If from a backyard breeder or puppy mill – the dog probably has inbred temperament problems and maybe the dog should be put down.

    If you don’t get it corrected now, then you are risking a lawsuit if the dog ever bites a person outside your family and the dog will be put down – you know its a known biter and is aggressive.

  • ladystang

    untrained and spoiled
    obedience training and more exercise

  • holmes

    in the absence of details all i can think is
    that probably he is being kept tied for long durations and alone without
    human interaction and physical activity and most
    likely at a place which is uncomfortable ,like near a door from underneath which
    a constant breeze is flowing in , or sun rays falling on him or
    some other constant discomfort making him irritated.

    remember dogs are social and physically very active animals.

    and moreover when they are compelled to stay with humans more often
    humans deprive them of their right to lie at a place of their choosing.

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