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why is my jack Russell terrier so hyper?

my jack russell always runs around and all she wants to do is play all the time and go for walks why dont they ever sleep or rest or anything?

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11 comments to why is my jack Russell terrier so hyper?

  • Alyssa Atomic!

    Jack Russells are naturally hyper. It’s their nature.

  • Blue Angel

    Almost all Jack Russells are hyper. Be sure to eat your Wheaties so that you can keep up with her. 🙂

  • Debbie

    This is why you research a breed before getting one. JRTs are like that. If you wanted a more mellow dog, you should have gotten a different breed.

  • Care Lundgren

    He was just born that way. My sister Trisha, her dog bites everything he see’s that is chewable. He bit my headband like a side was almost a string.

  • Hanah Jober

    its normal for their breed!

  • VContr

    This breed is naturally very active. You need to make sure you give her plenty of exercise. Try using the dog whisperers methods, walk her with a backpack to have her burn some extra energy. Remember, animals are patients and a huge responsibility. Otherwise, if you don’t control her energy, you’ll probably get frustrated and possibly get rid of her.

  • ??š ??gâš ßáß? ?

    i think terriers are just always that way

  • mariesa1989

    Because its a Jack russell t

  • Jenny Manyteeth

    because she is a Jack Russell Terrier, and that is what they are.

  • munchkin

    your jack russell is hyper because they can be hyper dogs without the right exercise or training … my jack russell is not hyper at all … because i exercise her daily till she is tired … these are not dogs you can walk around the block and leave laying about the house all day … the dog needs strenuous exercise at least five days a week … and if the dog is young at least two hours of strenuous exercise plus walks … you can use a bike or rollerblades to get the dog running … if playing fetch, have two toys to keep the dog running … my jack is 12 years old and still needs a hour of strenuous exercise a day … and know the hyper behaviour will not go away … it will get worse without the right exercise and training … and you will be left with a destructive, aggressive, yappy dog …

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