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Pet Adoption and How to Adopt an Adult Dog

Have you thought about adopting an adult dog or puppy into your family?  With the over abundance of abandoned and unwanted dogs and puppies you could have the dog of your dreams while you are saving a life.  Pet adoption is a humane choice.

With the overcrowding in the rescue organizations and shelters these poor little dogs may be on borrowed time.  The rate of euthanasia is startling.  This occurs mostly in the government run facilities where they have only a limited budget.  They simply do not have the resources to house dogs and puppies indefinitely. 

If you choose to adopt a dog from a local government facility you will have a wide variety of all types of dogs and puppies.  You can even find pure breed dogs there. The misconception that there is something “wrong” with these dogs needs to be overcome.  There was probably something wrong with the former owner.  Maybe they had no idea the cost involved or were ignorant to the requirements of the breed they selected.  Or oddly enough, maybe they tired of it after the cuteness wore off.  The puppies here are usually mixed-breeds.  Their only crime was being born.  They have done nothing to deserve this fate.  The adult dogs need a second chance.

Rescue organizations are usually privately funded.  They are probably breed specific.  These people have a passion and want to save as many lives as possible.  They are “no kill” unless the animal is in such bad shape that it is inhumane to keep it alive.  This decision is made only after all possibilities are exhausted.  If you have made the decision on one specific breed this is a very good alternative to buying from a private seller.  You can find your specific breed’s rescue group from the American Kennel Club or a simple internet search. 

How to Adopt an Adult Dog

The adoption process for an adult dog or puppy involves a screening process.  The private rescue groups usually have a very intense screening process.  They want to make every effort to ensure their rescue dogs go to a good home.  The local animal shelter will usually have you fill out an adoption form with all your contact information.  You may be required to have a fenced yard for large dogs.  Before adoption, the dogs will be up-to-date on their vaccinations and will be spayed or neutered prior to placement.  If a puppy is too young to be sterilized, you will be required to sign a spay or neuter agreement and follow through at the appropriate age.

There are costs involved with pet adoption.  Some are higher than others.  The government organizations offer very low cost adoption fees.  They can do this due to government funding.  The private organizations are a little more.  Remember though, they work with donated money and you are getting a pure breed dog or puppy.  If at all possible you should give a little extra to help fund the next dog they take in.

With pet adoption you can make many choices about the dog you get.  You can of course choose gender.  You can also choose age.  This is an important decision.  Not everyone wants a puppy.  As cute as they are, they are a lot of work.  Some people prefer an older, more settled adult dog.  Some people want bonded pairs.  Some kind souls actually look for special needs dogs.

Either organization will try to make the best pairing possible.  They strive for successful adoptions.  You may feel like you are being interviewed but remember they are only trying to help you and the animal you are adopting.  They will take the needs of the dog along with your family and lifestyle and select specific animals for you to choose from.  This will help ensure that the dogs do not end up back at the shelters. 

You and your family should spend time with any dog that you are interested in adopting.  This will help you make the perfect choice for all of you.   It also will help the dog make an easier transition.  Remember, these dogs have been through a lot.  They may not be at their best, but with a loving family they can become the best.

If you have concerns you could even look for a dog that is with a foster family.  It may help to be able to learn from someone who spends every day with the pet you are thinking of adopting.   They will honestly tell you the bad points as well as the good points.  They are only concerned with the dog’s welfare. 

With pet adoption there is no set rule.  The only limit is the mind.  The most important thing is to make sure you are ready to make the commitment to this animal.  They are looking for their forever home.

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