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A neighbor as a Jack Russell terrior that I was thinking of adopting….?

Only problem is, she pees when she gets excited, (meeting new people, etc.) Any ideas on how to stop this behaviour? She’s a great little dog, and she’s about a year old.


Adopting a 3 year old male dog and housebreaking?

I was thinking about adopting this chihuahua mix (Maybe some Pekingese) neutered male. He isn’t a small one more like 10-20 pounds.

His owner before left him outside all day and then gave him up when his place didn’t allow pets anymore.

I was wondering if you think it will be hard to potty train […]

The Process When Adopting a Dog

Adopting a dog is not a decision that should be made lightly. When you bring an animal into your home through adoption, you create a bond that lasts for a lifetime. You want to be sure you, your home and your family are ready to take the step.

Have you Done Your Homework? - Do you […]