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Adult Gold Whattup Dog Costume, One Size fits Most

Costume features a long sleeve shirt and pants. The top is accented with a furry chest, paws, and tail. Foot covers and a headpiece are included. Fits adults up to 200 pounds.

Product DescriptionIncludes: Top with attached Tail and Dog Collar, Pants, Headpiece and Shoe Covers…. More >>

Adult Gold Whattup Dog Costume, One […]

Jack Russell Terrier Dog Adult Slipper Socks

Fits Women’s size 6-11 or Men’s size 5-10

Product DescriptionThis thick, fully cushioned slipper sock featuring your favorite breed is wonderful for keeping your feet warm and the grippers help with traction. It’s made with 75% acrylic to wick away perspiration, 25% stretch nylon for perfect fit and firm support, and natural anti-bacterial yarn […]

For Bare Feet-Jack Russell Terrier Dog Adult Poses Socks

Fits Women’s size 6-11 or Men’s size 5-10

Product DescriptionThese fashionable socks featuring your favorite breed are constructed using advanced technological engineering. Strategic placing of cushioned areas create comfort for the feet in all types of activities. Hi-Bulk acrylic yarns used throughout the sock wicks away perspiration, its natural anti-bacterial properties help inhibit the […]

Positive reinforcement as I start crate training an adult dog, training tips and ideas needed?

Back story- We rescued an Alaskan Malamute from an animal hoarder- she was in real bad shape when we got her.. Emaciated and easily 40lbs underweight, bacterial and fungal infection in both ears, Staph infection on her skin, etc. We fixed her up nicely! About 3 months ago we had our first “real issue” with […]

what age does a dog switch from puppy housebreaking pads to adult pads?

Has anyone had luck in Housebreaking an Adult Dog?

Hi, My mom in considering adopting a 2 year old poodle from the shelter. The dog however has lived mostly outside until now and is not housebroken. I was wondering if anyone had any success stories on housebreaking an adult dog. Any advice also would be appreciated! Thanks.

Crate training puppy while having an adult trained dog not in crate?

Does anyone know if there are special tips for crate training a puppy while already having an adult obedient dog that is not kept in a crate any longer? I’m about to get a puppy who I plan on crate training, but I already have an extremely obedient dog who is left free rein of […]