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Best DOG Trick – Amazing DOG Stuntriders Motorcycle Pooch Pops Wheelies – Jack Russell Terrier

http://bloxstarzlifestyle.com Watch as this Jack Russell Terrier named Angus the amazing motorcycle stunt dog performs wheelies on a Honda crf50 minibike. A …

Best and most effective way to rid fleas in house?

I’m dying over here! We just lost our pet and are not only left with sadness and grief from the loss of our pet, but also frustration towards these dang fleas! They are everywhere and I see them on me all the time and I have bites all over me and so does my 8 […]

Best way to get rid of fleas for dogs?

if i get a flea dip for all my dogs wont the fleas still be in the grass, dirt. ect.

best way to rid fleas?

we have 2 cats for over a year and NEVER had a flea. or at least not that we noticed. all of a sudden in the past month or so, they are AWFUL!! the cats do not go outside, but it is an infestation. i mean, you walk through the living room and have fleas […]

What dogs are jack russell terriers best with?

I’m thinking about getting a jack russell terrier, and I want another dog too, but I don’t know what kind jack russell’s get along well with.

what is the best way to disapline my jack russell terrier?

He is 8 to 9 months old and house trained but when we leave and he’s home alone he gets mad or something and “goes to the bathroom” on the floor even though we trained him and have paper down. At this time I cant afford a crate but I want to crate train him. […]

Is crate training the best way to go with a bernese mountain dog or not?

Im almost positive im getting a bernese mountian dog for my next dog i know almost everything about them. My mom wants to crate it but i said i dont want to. I want to know if crating the dog is the best way to go even though i dont want to. I dont know […]

What is the best method for crate training a small dog?

I just got a new 8 week old french bulldog/ boston terrier today and I want to start crate training her tomorrow. I left her in her crate for about 30 mins. while I went to the store and She only pooped once and it was on her Puppy Pads.

whats the best way to break habits while housebreaking my puppy?

i have a 2 month old pomeranian and im trying to housebreak him. i always take him out right after i feed him or give him water and i keep him outside for about an hour but my problem is that it doesnt matter how long i have him outside because he wont go potty […]

Best tips to help potty train puppy

Great tips to help potty train puppy. Crate training your puppy can help to speed up the potty training process, simply because dog’s don’t like to soil their beds. Young pups have small bladders and need to be taken out often. Keep the potty training experience a positive one for best results. Negative experiences tend […]