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BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG DVD! + Dog & Puppy Training Bonus

Product DescriptionUtilizing 40 years of experience, this video DVD collection of America’s most popular dog breeds is written and produced by Industry Experts. These Dog DVD’s are a means to educate and entertain while learning about your favorite dog breeds and to fill the demand for a quicker, more interactive and concise alternative to […]

JACK RUSSELL TERRIER DVD: Everything You Should Know + Dog & Puppy Training Bonus

Product DescriptionPet Video Library Books on Video presents the JACK RUSSELL TERRIER. This DVD contains Everything You Should Know about the breed and covers: History & Development – We’ll take you through the early history of the Jack Russell Terrier. You’ll learn the breed’s origin and how the Jack Russell was used in the […]

Ecological Non Toxic Flea Trap – The Ultimate Pest Control – 2 Items in Special Price + 2 refill kits bonus

2 flea traps in special price – best seller chemical-free and environmentally friendly. work on AA bateries. easy to use. the last you will ever buy Catches 500% more fleas than other traps MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if u are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Product DescriptionDraws fleas from up to 40 feet away. […]

Jack Russell Terrier Coat Care Grooming Kit FREE BONUS

Brand: Our Exclusive AFD Bundle Contains: Shampoo, Conditioner, Finishing Spray, Brush and Comb FREE Bonus ~ 2 -32 oz EZ Measure Mixin’ Bottles A $9.98 Value Your Jack Russell Terrier will Look & Feel Awesome! This item is Karla’s Professional Choice!

Product DescriptionNow caring for your dog’s beautiful coat is easier than ever! We […]