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Healthy Breeds Omega-HP Skin and Coat Soft Chews, Jack Russell Terrier / 60 Count

Active Ingredients (per soft chew): Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)* 270 mg , Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)* 180 mg , dI-Alpha Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E) 1.5 IU Veterinary recommended to support skin and coat health in dogs with food or environmental sensitivities, or season allergies Works quickly to support a soft, silky coat and minimize normal shedding […]

What are dog breeds similar to jack russell terriers?

i recently lost a jack russell terrier and i am planning on getting another dog. i was thinking another jack russell just because i love their personalities but i’d like to consider other dog breeds. what do you think? im fine with dogs that have a lot of energy and bark a lot (typical jack […]

What breeds of dogs get along with jack russell terriers?

We have a four year old jack russell terrier and are thinking about getting another dog soon.

Poochie-Bells SOLID BLACK, The Original Designer Dog Doorbell, Stop unwanted accidents from your Pooch- Effective, safe and decorative potty training tool! A proven training method with over a 95% success rate and endorsed by trainers and breeders. Easy to implement with step by step directions included. Designed for all breeds and ages of dogs. This design, “Black” is from the Classic line of Poochie-Bells and features a solid black grosgrain ribbon.

Stop those unwanted accidents by your Poochie – Easily bell train your dog with easy to follow instructions included Professionally endorsed by trainers and breeders Any size and age dog can use effectively Portable, no messy installation or batteries. Proudly made in the USA Made of single, grosgrain ribbon with durable bells manufactured with […]

What is a Jack Russell Terrier? It is not listed on the AKC breeds.?

I have recently heard of a dog called a “Jug” which is a mixture of Jack Russell Terrier & Pug. Has anyone got any information for me???

Different Type Of Terrier Breeds

Whatever your dog preference is, you are sure to find terrier dogs among the candidates for a pal. You’ll get energy you want with little grooming and added wit.

Basically bred for hunting and killing vermin, Terrier dogs are now known to offer wide spectrum of features and characters that you might find lovable. […]

what terrier breeds made jack russell terriers?

Rascal Dog Litter Box “Little Squirt” – DESIGNED JUST FOR TOY BREEDS!


Product DescriptionThe Rascal Dog Litter Box “Little Squirt” is an innovative litter box system to meet your dog’s elimination needs! DESIGNED JUST FOR TOY BREEDS 8 POUNDS AND UNDER. No More expensive dog litter or costly piddle pads to purchase! If you are considering purchasing […]