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Are Jack Russell Terriers good with dogs bigger and smaller than it?

I am planning on getting a third dog which will be a Jack Russell Terrier. Are Jack Russell Terriers good with dogs both bigger and smaller than it.

which will be a good pet, a bunny or a jack russell terrior?

i know few ppl that own JRT and i love those dogs they like on crack very play fun, btu i also like the bunnies i saw at the pet store. so which is a better pet. which is cheaper, which is more playful,

The Adventures of a Dog, and a Good Dog Too

Product DescriptionI love dogs. Who does not? It is a natural feeling to love those who love us; and dogs were always fond of me. Thousands can say the same; and I shall therefore find plenty of sympathy while unfolding my dog’s tale… More >>

The Adventures of a Dog, and a Good Dog […]

anyone have a jack russell terrier? how are they to train and are they good with kids?

Does anyone have good tips on housebreaking a small dog with a short attention span?

Are jack russell terriers a good breed for people with fur dander allergies?

What if icut his hair?

Would a jack russell terrier be a good dog breed to be a running companion?

Does anyone have any good puppy housebreaking tips?

I have a new mini dachshund puppy and I need help getting her started going outside. I know to reward her when she goes outside, but she will NOT go outside. I cant even catch her going in the house because she doesnt sniff around in circles or have any signs shes got to go. […]

Do you think that a jack russell terrier is a good breed to own?

I am thinking of getting one in about 8 weeks they were just born this week….

any good tips on housebreaking my puppy?

i have a 12 week old mastiff puppy that i just got and i need some good tips on how to housebreak him. any advice will be appreciated.