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Berry 20pcs Cute Dog Hair Bows with Rubber Bands – Crystal Rhinestone Studded – Sparkly Nylon Pet Grooming Accessories for Long Hair Dog & Kitten – Perfect for Poodles,Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu

? SHIMMERING PET APPEARANCE – It’s studded with clear diamonds. It’ll make your pet more adorable and you must gain tones of compliments. ? LIGHT WEIGHT & DURABLE – Made of high quality Nylon and with a rubber band behind to hold the bow tie. ? COLORFUL MIXED – There are 6 colors in […]

Grooming of a broken coat Jack Russell terrier?!?

I have a spayed 4yo broken coated JRT. I brush her daily, and bathe her once a month. I take her for grooming every 6mos or so to have her scraggly, scruffy coat shaved/cut down because it seems like the wire hairs at the base of her back really annoy her. I prefer my dog […]

Jack Russell Terrier Coat Care Grooming Kit FREE BONUS

Brand: Our Exclusive AFD Bundle Contains: Shampoo, Conditioner, Finishing Spray, Brush and Comb FREE Bonus ~ 2 -32 oz EZ Measure Mixin’ Bottles A $9.98 Value Your Jack Russell Terrier will Look & Feel Awesome! This item is Karla’s Professional Choice!

Product DescriptionNow caring for your dog’s beautiful coat is easier than ever! We […]

Parson Russell Terrier History, Grooming Tips, Temperament and Living Condtions

The Parson Russell terrier is similar in appearance to the Jack Russell terrier, although it is recognized worldwide as a separate breed. These dogs stand some 12-14 inches in height, with a weight of between 14 and 18 pounds. They have a medium boned body, to which their head appears to be in good proportion. […]

Accelerated Dog Training Health Grooming

Offering an e-book resource for dog training, dog grooming, house training, and general pet care for all dog breeds. Accelerated Dog Training Health Grooming