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Jack Russell Terrier Help!!!!!?

Hi, i have a 6 month old jack russel and a 7 year old jack russel. The puppy keeps nipping my older jack russel on the neck and will not stop. How do i help stop this because its not good for the older dog. Also any tips to help train the puppy? Thank

Dog crate training help!?

Ok so here is the deal, I have a golden retreiver that is 7 months old that absoutly hates the crate. I have attempted to train it by placing its bed in there, and doing feedings in there but the dog still does not like the crate at all. Any type of treat does not […]

Dog crate training questions….please help?

I am losing my mind!! I have a 5 month old female schnauzer. I love her to death!! She is the sweetest puppy ever, but we are having a horrible time crate training her. She does so well during the day. I put her in her crate when im not home or if I cant […]

How do I help my dog? She is a mini Dachshund/Jack Russell Terrior mix, 6 yrs. old. She has Arthritis in her?

back and I know she is in excruciating pain. I know my dog very well and I can tell by her facial expressions that she is hurting badley. The fact that she suffers has caused me to become depressed and very bitter because animals are utterly clean and pure in soal and they NEVER deserve […]

Can anyone help with housebreaking an Aussie puppy??

My family has recently gotten an Aussie puppy, he’s very smart and loving, however, I cannot seem to get him to understand that he’s not supposed to pee in the house. He is crated @ night,and he pees in there too. I take him outside quite often and reward him with treats, he also has […]

Potty Train Puppy Fast with the Help of a Clicker

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Jack Russell Training help – seperation anxiety?

Jack Russell Terrier has seperation anxiety HELP? My 6 month old Jack Russell Terrier has a bad case of seperation anxiety. It all started when we were trying to figure out why potty training just wasnt working. For example the other day while cleaning the house. I shut him out of the kitchen (meaning he […]

Best tips to help potty train puppy

Great tips to help potty train puppy. Crate training your puppy can help to speed up the potty training process, simply because dog’s don’t like to soil their beds. Young pups have small bladders and need to be taken out often. Keep the potty training experience a positive one for best results. Negative experiences tend […]

When potty training a puppy, does it help to have them with a dog who is already house broken?

Will having a potty training puppy trainee together with a dog who is already house trained help them catch on quicker? How much time do you give your puppy outside when taken out to “potty” My puppy will sometimes start playing, so I just take her back in and try again a little later. Is […]

Help training a Jack Russell terrier?

Our dog seems to have separation anxiety problems. When we put him outside on a chain, he pulls until he is choking himself and yipes constantly. He’s usually not even distracted by other activity on the street or by toys I put out there with him. It’s annoying to listen to and I’m sure it […]