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Is it normal for a housebroken dog to have accidents in a new home?

i just got a dog. The owner said he was housebroken. The first thing he did when she left was poop in the corner. I dunno if I missed his cue to go out or not. But I have since taken him out many times and he has peed and peed and peed.

I […]

Have you ever had a dog you thought would never be housebroken?

Did you housebreak it eventually? What did you do?

I really don’t need a lesson in housebreaking. I do know how to housebreak dogs and want to hear from people who have had a difficult to housebreak dog.

Why did my housebroken dog defecate in the house? How to stop from happening again?

My 15-month-old dog, a chihuahua (possible terrier) mix, just defecated in the house. That hasn’t happened since he was a little puppy, and even then he barely ever had accidents in the house; he took to housebreaking very easily. He didn’t seem sick or unhappy; why would he do this and how can we stop […]