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Dog Training Information : Tips on Crate Training a Dog

When crate training a dog, be sure to make it a positive and safe environment by keeping the toys in the crate, feeding her in the crate and offering special treats only when in the crate. Be sure to provide plenty of exercise before locking her in with tips from an experienced pettrainer in […]

Parson Russell Terrier Essential Tips And Information

The story of the name of the Jack Russell Terrier is quite interesting. It seems that there was a Theology student at Oxford out for a walk when he happened to meet a milkman delivering the milk. The milkman had with him a feisty little white terrier with a patch over the eyes and ears, […]

Parson Russell Terrier Puppy And Dog Information

The Parson Russell Terrier or better known as the Jack Russell Terrier, is a small happy dog that loves to play and hunt. They were bred as fox hunters so they need to be extensively socialized with other pets. They may fight with other dogs but they were pack animals at one time so this […]

Great Potty Training Puppy Information

Keeping a positive attitude will keep the potty training puppy a good one. Potty training puppy can be simple when you discover the signs that your pup needs to go. Dogs are creatures of habit and will adjust to a routine very quickly, speeding up the training. Potty training should begin as soon as you […]

Jack Russell information, how to train jack russell

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