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I keep on getting bit by fleas.Is there a way to get rid of it?

I have two dogs and i shower them at least twice a week with flea rid shampoo wut else do i have to do to make it stop?

when crate training a dog how do you keep them from going potty in the crate?

I take him out all the time to go potty and he knows to go out side, but when he gets to run around the house he is like a “turdene” and slips and poops somewhere…..and when he is in his crate he just goes potty in there!!!! I my wits end! he is bout […]

Will a doggy sweater keep my short haired jack russell mix dog warmer in the cold weather, or just anoy him?

I have 2 jack russel terrier and poodle mix dogs, they are from the same litter, one has the characteristics of a poodle and has a very thick, long coat, where as my other dog is much more like a jack russell in the way that he has very short, and thin coat. My furryer […]

Is it fair to keep a crate trained dog in a crate and one dog out when you leave?

we already have one dog…she is six years old and she is free to roam the house when we leave…we don’t have a reason to keep her in a crate…but, we’re getting a puppy on thursday and we’re planning on crate training her for when we go to work and at night because she isn’t […]

How long do you have to keep a dog in crate training? Also will this prevent “excitement dribbles?

We rescued out adult aussie/husky mix, Remmy, from the pound last weedend and we soon figured out she wasn’t potty trained yet. So, I read through my dog training book and searched on the internet, and came up with this “crate training method”. My dad bought her a good sized crate and this is the […]

when crate training a dog, how long do you keep it in the crate?

my dog is 3 months and i just asked a previous question and it said that i need to crate train my dog, and i have a few questions about that so i can know

-But I need to know how long do I keep her in there?

-when i go 2 school do i […]

Where should you keep the crate for a dog when crate training?

I am crate training my puppy she is 10 weeks and i was wondering when i am crate training her should her crate be in the same room as me when we are sleeping?