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SHPT XQ-49 Dog Apparel Accessories Saddle Backpack Vests Harness Leash Sets for Small Medium Chihuahua Yorkie Puppies Dogs Red S

Pet Size Measure: If You Measure Pet Size with Hair Pressing Down,It is Important to Choose Dresses 1inch or 7inch Bigger than the Measure Size Dog Backpack Bag Size:Please Check Size Chart in Picture,Different Style has slightly difference Dog Vest Harness Material:Soft Breathable Cotton ,Lace, Polyester.Comfortable Dressing in Hot Summer Spring Weather Dog Harness […]

Dogs Leash, Key and Coat Hook

Measures: 12″ wide x 13″ high Three hooks for leashes, collar, harness, keys, doggie sweaters etc.. Rustic red finish

Product DescriptionPerfect place to hang the leash after a walk with your best friend…. More >>

Dogs Leash, Key and Coat Hook


Jack Russell Terrier Leash Hook

Product DescriptionThis leash hook, featuring three adorable pups, is the perfect way to bring an extra bit of whimsy to your home. Featuring three metal hooks, it is ideal for holding leashes, keyrings, purses, and other items. Finely crafted in resin and measures approximately 6″ x 12 1/2″. Also includes built-in wall mounting hardware […]

Housebreaking puppy problem. When he sees the leash he starts peeing?

We just got a rescue puppy and we finally got him to hold it to go outside. We have him on a schedule 6am,8am,1pm or 5pm depending if we can take lunch to run home, 8pm,11pm. In the morning when my boyfriend gets up to take him out the puppy follows him to the door. […]

Mastering Puppy Leash Training

Does your puppy refuse to keep pace with you while walking in the public? It is a very awkward and frustrating situation when your puppy sits down or stops when you are trying to take him for a walk. This is a great example of why puppy leash training is necessary and how it can […]

Help leash training my new dog. (Jack Russell Terrier)?

I bought a new puppy recently. She is a Jack Russell Terrier and she is very hyper. That said, she’s going to need to be walked alot to keep her at least sort of calm. But when I try and put her on a leash she just bites at the leash and very rarely even […]