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What kind of dog looks like a Beagle or Jack Russell Terrier but doesn’t bark as much?

I’m looking into getting a dog within the next year or two. I’ve always loved beagles but hear that they make a lot of noise. I’m looking for something that looks like a Beagle or Jack Russell Terrier, but won’t bark too loud or yip when my girlfriend and I are at work. Any help?


What is it like owning a jack russell terrier?

From when they are puppies to older, what is it like? Good and bad stories. How much training? How affectionate? Did they drive you crazy? Did you have to give them up? Was your dog mixed? What exact type of JRT was/is it? Male/female?

How do you get your dog to like crate training?

I have a puppy and I am trying to crate train him but every time I put him in his crate he starts howling and barking. How do I get him to like being in his crate? Or is it something that I should ignore?

Does my plan for potty training puppy sound like it’d work?

I plan to crate train puppy. but when we go outside i think i want to put pee pads on certain areas since i heard the smell attracts the puppy?

would that work? ive never had a dog before so i really have no idea how i’m going to potty train him.

when crate training a dog are you supposed to make him like live in his crate?

i’m reading up on how to train and i’m seeing stuff like put him in the crate every hour or crate him every half hour or whatever… is this only for puppies? by that i mean younger than 6 months? that’s how i see it too, doxie

Is housebreaking a dog in any way like potty training a child?

Mainly I mean does the philosophy of “When they’re ready to do it they will?”

I’m trying to crate train a 3 month old puppy, and while she does go outside, we still have several accidents a day despite bathroom breaks every hour or so. Is she just too little to get it completely yet?