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Berry 20pcs Cute Dog Hair Bows with Rubber Bands – Crystal Rhinestone Studded – Sparkly Nylon Pet Grooming Accessories for Long Hair Dog & Kitten – Perfect for Poodles,Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu

? SHIMMERING PET APPEARANCE – It’s studded with clear diamonds. It’ll make your pet more adorable and you must gain tones of compliments. ? LIGHT WEIGHT & DURABLE – Made of high quality Nylon and with a rubber band behind to hold the bow tie. ? COLORFUL MIXED – There are 6 colors in […]

3D Stereo 14K Rose GP Enamel Crystal Long Sweater Pink Pendants Dog Coat Necklaces

It’s Stereo and very Cute! Approximate Size: Circumference Of Chain: 700mm/27.56inches Pendant Length:68mm/2.68inches Chain Length: 27.56inches Usually the shipping time is 7-25 days to US,please ignore the amazon shipping time

Product DescriptionQuality: AAA+++ Craftsmanship: Superb Material: Crystal, Enamel Style: Pendant, Chain Theme: Fashion Brand: Thboxes Main Stone: Crystal Main Color: As the picture Jewelry […]

Acme Rocket Dog Costume – Large 12 1/2″ long

Large 12 1/2″ long (16″-21″girth) Please allow up to a week for delivery Available in 2 other sizes

Product DescriptionWatch out Wile E. Coyote! Plush Acme Rocket easily attaches to your small dog’s back via velcro closure around chest and simple clip attaches to dog’s collar. Flexible, wire fuse completes the look. Easy to […]

How long do you have to keep a dog in crate training? Also will this prevent “excitement dribbles?

We rescued out adult aussie/husky mix, Remmy, from the pound last weedend and we soon figured out she wasn’t potty trained yet. So, I read through my dog training book and searched on the internet, and came up with this “crate training method”. My dad bought her a good sized crate and this is the […]

Is crate training the best way to house break a dog? And how long did it take for you dog?

I want to crate train our new 4 month old puppy, but my mom doesn’t think it’s right to leave the dog in a crate for an hour and stuff? How long did it take your puppy to be housebroken with crate training? is there any other house braking training? THx

when crate training a dog, how long do you keep it in the crate?

my dog is 3 months and i just asked a previous question and it said that i need to crate train my dog, and i have a few questions about that so i can know

-But I need to know how long do I keep her in there?

-when i go 2 school do i […]

How long does it take to train a Jack Russell Terrier puppy use a litter box?

Can I train my Jack Russell Terrier to run long distances with me?

I have an 8 month old Jack Russell Terrier and i was wondering when he gets older if it would be okay to train him to run several miles almost every day. My dog loves to run and always runs back and forth around my house, he is never tired and is really fast. Is […]